Competition: WIN A Trials Fusion Season Pass Every Day!

Congratulations to FatShady for winning yesterday's Trials Fusion challenge on Turbine Terror with a time of 44.420. Phew, glad that's out of the way! Our very own FatShady is no longer eligible for future prizes in the week's Trials comps, so us mere mortals now have a chance!

Just as a background, we're running a Trials competition every day this week. Each day we choose a track and you all get to compete for a Season Pass of the game on Xbox One or PS4.

How To Enter

The rules are simple. Each day this week I will choose a track. It is upon this track you will do battle. To enter you must play, get the quickest time possible, and then post your time (alongside an uploaded pic/screenshot of your time) in the comments below.

You have until 3pm the following day to post the best time you can. You can only post one time per comp, so make sure your time is as good as it can possibly be when you post it!

We'll announce the 1x daily winner in the competition the next day at 6pm, when I will choose another track for you all to compete on, and so forth!

You need to be over 18 and Australian to enter. Full terms and conditions.

Each day the winner will receive season pass for Trials Fusion on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Already have a season pass? Why not spread the Trials love and give it to a friend. That'll give you one more person to compete with! Each player can only win one code, which will stop Kotaku legends like FatShady from dominating every day of the week.

For today's track? Let's go with Fusion Factory!

Good luck everyone!


    After much re-tries and a couple rage quits I could only manage to get 55.881 (I should be 89th but Ubisoft must think .882 is lower than .881)

    There is much more room for improvement but damn this track is frustrating, you need to get all parts right to get a good score.

    @batguy Nice work on getting 54,488!

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    And the prize for "bit clearly written as soon as this contest was conceived" goes to ...


    Congratulations to FatShady for winning yesterday’s Trials Fusion challenge

    Platform : PS4
    PSN : V410R3DHD
    Time : 00:54.646
    Image :
    Comment : OH! There you are again, in a manner of speaking......
    I freaked out when I got the Jesus like time.

    I won a) a Trials Fusion Beta code, b) a code for the full game. Surely my fast fingers can provide me with a c) to this story.

    OK, as previously mentioned, I don't need a code, but do want to play lots of trials (my xbox ID is puddinsworld if you want to add... I am playing on XB1) So, to give you guys a target (which I will be trying to improve....) lets start with 55.688.
    In the interests of "how the hell do you do that", I highly recommend the Panda...... and skipping the loop. Play well dudes :)

    EDIT - The Panda is easier I think to skip the loop, but the roach is probably still the best idea.... down to 55.229 but there is heaps of scope to go lower...... happy hunting triallist's...

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    fuck this track.

    edit: ok, after 2 solid hours of trying, I give up. Dark Souls aint got shit on this game in terms of frustration.

    Last edited 29/04/14 9:47 pm

      Oh I so know that feeling.... That is Rock of Rages for me at the moment......

    Edit : Turns out I was close, but not enough. Was winning at a point though, so I might have a chance in the future :D

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    Track: Fusion Factory
    Bike: Pit Viper
    Console: XBOX ONE
    Time: 56.114

    That previous comment from @scp blew my mind.

    Ok I have work tomorrow so hopefully this time will get me through.


    I would also appreciate some more people to compete against on Xbox One, I already added you @scp But I would love to have some more people playing trials on my friends list.

    GT: Alexander Owl

    Good luck to all those who enter. I had to play this damn track for 2 straight hours to get one run I was happy with. I knew what I was capable of but it took me that long to actually get to where I wanted to be. So frustrating and full of rage. Feel good to be back!


    54.909 if you are interested.

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      I feel so much displeasure for you right now....... :)

    Been trying for the last 2 or so hours, and the best I can do is 58.399, it's so frickin' hard to skip that loop, only skipped it successfully 3 times in about 2 hours.

      I had the exact same success rate and I have not idea why. I was able to do it well only a few weeks ago. perhaps it's the pressure!!!

        What bike were you using? I was using the Roach.

          I think the panda works most frequently as you have a greater margin for error. If you just flick the bar you have to clear, it rotates the bike / quad that little bit more to hit the downramp, and you can accelerate once you hit the bottom with a less than perfect landing and still make it. With the roach, you almost need to have no acceleration and just roll through the ramp to get enough power to get up the big jump following the drop. Another big time saver is that launch table right at the end - You can reach the finish line without touching the ground again....

            I did try the Panda a few times last night, with no success. Got a few more hours before work so I might give it another crack.

            Edit: Thanks, but I already knew about the launch table from watching the video of the guy who's number 1 on the 360 leaderboard. It's how I got a sub 1 minute time.

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    My tolerance could get me no better than 57:878 before I had to give in.

    Ok looks like I'm the first official entry

    Time: 00:57:110
    Bike: Roach

    PS: That loop can go to hell.

    Don't like giving people a target with this long to go, but I'm worried I'll get stuck with work, so:

    Fumbled the beginning on this run and can consistently do it 3 tenths faster, but absolutely nailed the back half.

      And here I was feeling awesome cause I just managed to knock off Shady..... top run dude.

      D: And I thought my time was close to perfect....

    I managed 55.641... my highest leaderboard time so far at 340th. Thought I had a slim chance until I saw Batguy's 54.488... congrats :)


    How do you make these stupid links work..... I feel so old right now...

    anyway.... 53.893. I am sure the roach could be quicker, but the panda just nails that section through the loop.

    If anyone can give me the idiots guide to image sharing I would appreciate it....

      Just copy and paste the link exactly the same as you did above without putting in [IMG] at the start and end.


      Oh, and by the way, That's an awesome time dude. Gonna call it now, you'll win it today for sure.

      Edit: Are you and @fatshadylive on Xbone, PS4 or PC? If you're on Xbone I'll add you, coz my Xbone copy just came in the mail today.

      Last edited 30/04/14 11:49 am

        XB1... Shady is on every platform known to man, just to destroy the souls of all those who dare oppose his awesomeness..... (Love your work dude.) XB user name is puddinsworld (I need to change my username here.... don't even know if that is possible....)
        Love to have more triallist in the list to play with / against. There was a team option in the PC beta which might end up in the multiplayer with any luck so the more the merrier!

        I was majorly happy with that run, which is currently 37th on XB1 - Just having people to compete against makes trials so much more compelling.

        And remember all you triallist's...... I already have a season pass, so I am just here to have fun with all of you guys - I know that time is beatable, but I have to zero fault rock of rages before I lose my mind......

      Blergh... well done... I *guess*. I should probably have tried the panda last night, but I was in a groove and knew I could still extract more time than I did with the roach. Then I had to sleep and come to work :(

      However, are you actually entering the comp? If not, please make it clear so @markserrels knows! (Plus I don't think this second entry is technically eligible based upon the rules anyway?)

      EDIT: What @evilmonkey said about images. And if you want to link it, it's left-angle-bracket a href="your link" right-angle-bracket THE TEXT YOU WANT FOR THE HYPERLINK left-angle-bracket /a right-angle-bracket

      Last edited 30/04/14 12:22 pm

        True, I didn't think about that rule, although he didn't try and post a picture of his first time, so I don't know. You might just win it today if his second time gets disqualified.

        Last edited 30/04/14 12:51 pm

    Best I could do under pressure, hehe.

    Track: Fusion Factory
    Time: 56.054
    Xbox One

    Screenshot: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

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