A Different Kind Of GTA V Trick Photography

A Different Kind of GTA V Trick Photography

Some very pretty images have come from Rockstar's latest hit game. Some have been taken by self-appointed combat photographers and shutterbugs, who spend little eternities waiting to isolate a perfect moment. Happens all the time, right? But a French artist is doing something different in Los Santos. He takes a picture of — that's of, not in — GTA V and then rigs up a real-world shoot that makes it look like an actual person is snapping that picture. It's a bit of a head trip.

French artist Benoit Paille's work is different than that of in-game photo artists like DeadEndThrills' Duncan Harris. He's not using built-in capture tools or optimising settings. He simply takes a picture of a GTA V screen and then tweak that image in several different ways to create a commentary on the creation of visual images. You can get a look at the results of Paille's GTA V art photos over on his Tumblr. I think I might like the 3DS shot best of all, just for the sheer incongruity of it.

A Different Kind of GTA V Trick Photography


    The editing is good but it takes out the Gta feeling. All in all the Nds pic is ruined by the Nds itself and that criped in arm.

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