Yes, The Last Of Us Is Coming To PS4

Yes, The Last of Us Is Coming to PS4 This Summer

Update: Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann tweeted that the studio is targeting a 60fps framerate for The Last of Us Remastered.

Update: And here's a post on the official PlayStation blog with more info on The Last of Us Remastered, which is given a (northern) summer 2014 release window.

Yes, The Last of Us Is Coming to PS4 This Summer

Update: Sony has responded to Kotaku with the following confirmation:

SCEA can confirm The Last of Us Remastered is coming to PS4, and we'll be sharing more details with you shortly.

Also, a listing for The Last of Us Remastered is now live on Amazon, stating that the game will include all the DLC and a commentary track.

[Original story follows below.]

2013's biggest PS3 game will be coming to the PS4, according to an official image from the PlayStation Store. But, right now, the link that would let you pre-order The Last of Us for Sony's new console is broken.

Yes, The Last of Us Is Coming to PS4 This Summer

Sometime last night, the image above started showing up on Sony's digital game storefront. However, clicking the link brings users to an error message, shown above. This image nevertheless appears to confirm what Sony announced/not-announced late last month. An actual date of availability isn't shown but, in the US at least, the price for the remastered Last of Us is shown as $US60. We've reached out to Sony for comment and will update this story if/when they respond.


    Hopefully they price it the same as tomb raider definitive edition. Cause as much as I liked the last of us, I'm not shelling out another $99 for it

      The US PS store had it listed for US$60, so pretty much full price. I love this game but have already finished it 3 times, so I'll wait for a price drop.

      In all fairness it's the full game + DLC on the new console. Maybe if there were some way to trade-in or buy an "upgrade pass" on the PSN store, but a full price for a full game is reasonable (some don't even have it yet).

      At least it's not forty bucks for a 2-3 hour demo. ;)

        I'm on the fence about the price because A) It is the full game with DLC, but B) It's not a new game, it's a 'remastering' (of a game that isn't even old yet, but TBH I wanted this since the game came out, the texture filtering and inconsistent frame rate bugged me).

        Last gen when the HD collections came out for full price I was OK with it because it was normally 3 games... Tomb Raider has set an awful trend IMO, as much as I want to see tLoU in 1080p and hopefully at a constant 30 or 60fps, I think I'm gonna have to wait for a price drop.

    Blog shows there will still be unlocks DLC and absolute silence on any kind of discount for PS3 owners. Could have been nice here Sony/ND. Oh well.

    I know it would never happen but this on X1 aswell would be so awesome.

    Hopefully its not full price here because I will definitely pick it up ! Loved it on ps3

    Double dip time.... :( as previously stated, i'll consider it if theres some incentive for ps3 version owners

    Hopefully there is a PS3 to PS4 upgrade option?

    I have the PS3 version. Finished it once and almost ready to do it all again.
    I don't own a PS4 yet.
    Guess I'll hold off on my re-play and grab a PS4 when it's released!

    Played it, loved it, no need to play it again. I wish they'd focus on new games/IP instead.

      Yeah this is what I was thinking. Awesome game, but it's a little too early to make a remastered version I think. I've got no desire to play through it a second time, updated visuals or not.

      My initial thoughts were the exact same thing. A game I have on the PS3 isn't an incentive to get a PS4.

      That being said, perhaps they are using it as a learning tool to figure out programming techniques for the x86 architechture, and have a benchmark for performance of their engine. They are heavily invested and optimised for the Cell processor and the POWER arch, I'd say they want something to learn the capabilities of the PS4.

    Picked it up second hand... Not paying full price for an interactive movie

      As much as I didnt love TLOU - an Interactive Movie this game is not... perhaps getting confused with Beyond Two Souls?

    I bought a ps3 (again) to play TLOU. I was waiting for the next ND exclusive to pick up the ps4, but this is good enough.

    With Second Son, The Order 1886 and now TLOU, I feel more confident than ever in my PS4 purchase!

    I hope it has cross play function! Was going to start again on ps3 anyway

    Good news for people who bought a PS4 and never owned a PS3.

    I'm hoping this remaster thing doesn't become a trend. Particularly with the PS still lacking in major titles. Please no more remasters of new games.

      I don't think it will be a major issue, but i'd expect to see a few other "remastered" titles pop up over the next year or so.

      Polyphony will probably do GT6.5 on the PS4 so that we get a new GT game before 2020-something.

      I've had a theory for a long time that the reason GTA V never showed up on PC was because they were waiting for the next-gen consoles to launch so they could do a full-blooded upgrade of the visuals and launch on PC, Xbone and PS4 at the same time. I'd be really surprised if that didn't show up within the next year or so.

        I agree fully mate. GTA5 will probably pop up near Xmas I reckon.

    I went bees-dick close to buying a PS3 just for this game at the end of last generation.

    I was a N64 man, a Dreamcast guy, I had a Gamecube and an Xbox, a 360 and a Wii, I have a Xbone.... but Sony just sold me my first Playstation*! Great stuff.

    *I had a PSP but it was rubbish.

    A mate of mine said it best:

    Nothing says your console has no games than HD / Remastered Editions.

    This can't be right... the internets had me believe only Nintendo "rehashed" old games...

    You'd bloody hope they're aiming for 60fps considering this is a "next gen" console.

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