Square Enix Mobile Developer On New SaGa And Mana Games

Square Enix Mobile Developer On New SaGa And Mana Games

Briefly: A Square Enix mobile developer has recently talked to Famitsu about a pair of new SaGa and Mana games that will “stay true to all [our] memories from the [SNES] and PlayStation era”. The developer also mentioned that Square Enix’s second mobile division would be “helping out” with the games.


  • I’ve been burned way too many times by the Seiken Densetsu series. I don’t even bother getting my hopes up anymore.

  • A Vader “NNNOOOOOOOO” moment if ever there was one…..

    I will stick with my snes roms

  • I hope they extend the original secret of mana (not the iphone one) and make what it was supposed to be when it was coming to the Snes CD! But yeah, not going to get my hopes up on that… Seiken Densetsu is just not the same any more.

  • If they did a proper sequel or remake of Secret of Mana and put it on steam, I would buy that.
    It wouldnt have to be high tech super fancy graphics or anything, just good ol’ sprites.

    • I feel the same fester. Can’t expect much from a mobile game, especially based on Squares history!

  • Secret and Sword of mana was one of my favorite games as a kid but I haven’t played another good one since. If they can somehow recapture that I’ll be over the moon.

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