Abandoned Shopping Centres Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games

Abandoned Malls Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games

There's a Facebok group called Dead Mall Enthusiasts. It's a fascinating collection of photos people have taken of abandoned shopping centres across America. There are all kinds of socioloical reasons why that's interesting, but what's really got me is how they look like a video game artist's portfolio come to life.

Left 4 Dead. Dead Rising. The Last Of Us. Sometimes, in the worst cases, even Fallout. I could have told you these were screenshots, or pieces of concept art for those games and you'd probably have believed me.

Makes you wonder how many game artists have made trips out to malls like this for inspiration, since they seem to have got it so perfect...

Related is the fantastic gallery of Johnny Joo, whose site Architectural Afterlife chronicles abandoned buildings throughout America.

Abandoned Malls Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games

Picture: Dominic Binkley

Abandoned Malls Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games
Abandoned Malls Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games
Abandoned Malls Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games

Pictures: Johnny Joo


    All this reminded me of was the shopping centre level out of Tony Hawks...

    So good.

      Left 4 Dead 2 is a better likeness.

    First picture looks like teh shopping center used in the movie Dawn of the dead (remake) and the first dead rising game.

    Why dont they do something good with it like make it into a Airsoft or paintball arena, would be awesome. Urban Paintball!

      Probably not a good idea due to the second floor and other areas.

      While most of these abandoned structures are perfectly stable, I saw a thread from an urban explorer who discovered an abandoned hotel, and I wouldn't stay in one for long. These buildings are usually missing all their windows, so they're open to the elements like water, which then leads to mould, warping of the interior, drying and cracking of concrete, collapsed floors, etc.

        I dont mean just find one and do it i mean a company invests in it, mades it structually sound and, clearly refits certain areas for safety, but a all out open mall to roam around in a deathmatch style paintball game would be awesome.

    Pretty sure these pictures are recycled from an old article...

    This mall and that theatre are creepily similar to dream I had recently. Weird!

    That is a super thin movie theatre....

    I can almost hear those damn clickers…

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