Alien: Isolation And The ’70s Version Of The Future

Okay, I’m at the stage now where if SEGA and the Creative Assembly let me down with Alien: Isolation, I don’t know if I’ll ever trust anyone or anything again. I’m opening my heart here. I’m learning to love again. Don’t let me down.

The latest Alien: Isolation trailer focuses almost exclusively on one of my favourite parts of the first Alien movie” it’s vision of the future. A distinctly 70s/80s vision of the future, a rattled, broken down future with flickering CRTs and decay. It’s a vision that Creative Assembly is taking insanely seriously, and that’s a great relief to me.

In fact, it’s a common theme with Alien: Isolation. Every time I hear new information on this game it seems to tick off a list of concerns I have.

Only one Alien? Awesome.
Stealth based? Perfect.
Minimal HUD? Yes.
70s aesthetic? Thank you.

Continuing to get pretty excited about this.

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