Alien: Isolation And The '70s Version Of The Future

Okay, I'm at the stage now where if SEGA and the Creative Assembly let me down with Alien: Isolation, I don't know if I'll ever trust anyone or anything again. I'm opening my heart here. I'm learning to love again. Don't let me down.

The latest Alien: Isolation trailer focuses almost exclusively on one of my favourite parts of the first Alien movie" it's vision of the future. A distinctly 70s/80s vision of the future, a rattled, broken down future with flickering CRTs and decay. It's a vision that Creative Assembly is taking insanely seriously, and that's a great relief to me.

In fact, it's a common theme with Alien: Isolation. Every time I hear new information on this game it seems to tick off a list of concerns I have.

Only one Alien? Awesome. Stealth based? Perfect. Minimal HUD? Yes. 70s aesthetic? Thank you.

Continuing to get pretty excited about this.


    You're not alone, Mark. I've completely fallen for this game and love Alien/s special brand of retro future.

    I love that artwork, reminds me so much of Atari late 70s, early 80s box art that I loved so much.
    Much like the Story boards for Empire Strikes Back as well.

      Yes Ron Cobb is a fantastic designer / artist, his work on Alien along with Chris Foss is fantastic. Ron Cobb and Ralph McQuarrie are two of my favourite concept artists of the 70s.

    Damn it this is like that abusive spouse you know you shouldnt go back too but god damn if those good times weren't some of the best of your life.

    Everytime I see something new my hopes rise and I become a little more invested in this game. I agree with everyone thats saying if this does betray me my ability to trust will never again return

    Only one Alien? This does sound interesting... I always had an issue with alien blood in games. It will eat through 3 levels of a freaking spaceship, but if you get a bit splashed on you, all good, you'll be better in a few minutes.

    Opening paragraph is dead on.

    I've been cautiously optimistic about this one ever since I watched the Rock Paper Shotgun interview.

    Yeah I rarely care about trying first persons, but this totally has my interest

    I'm a big baby and freak out playing horror games so I generally avoid them... but this.. I will forgo any fear 'hopefully' enjoy the first decent Alien game since Anthology/AvP (original)

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    oh wow.
    Glad to see that the devs/designers have a singular vision for this game.
    Hope that SEGA gives CA the time and space to be able to make the game that they want to make.

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