An Important Reminder That Wind Waker Had Really Good Music

I mean I don't think that you forgot, really. It's just that it's never a bad thing to be reminded.

Here's Smooth "Smooth" McGroove with his latest a cappella video game rendition, this time of the castanet-flavoured Dragon Roost Island theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Between the whistles and the snaps and the claps and the extreme falsetto, I'd say he's got this one pretty well nailed.

Paging Mr Plunkett...


    So did a lot of games. Stop compensating for the fact Nintendo are rubbish now.
    Time to move on.

    Wow, such a great contribution to the topic.

    *edit* was replying to bickles

    Last edited 29/04/14 5:27 pm

      Don't feed the trolls :P

      Last edited 29/04/14 10:32 pm

        Somebody needs to, or else they won't grow and level up from Youtube Babies!!
        We already have far too many of them, we need good trolls.

        Last edited 30/04/14 1:59 am

    Mario Kart 8 on the way to make you look foolish again bickles ;)

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