Another Frustrating Beyond Good & Evil 2 Tease

It's time for another heart-breaking glimpse of the long-brewing follow-up to Beyond Good & Evil. The flirtation with releasing actual information about a sequel for Ubisoft's cult favourite action/adventure is an annual ritual, like salmon swimming upstream or leaves changing colours.

This year's BGE2 tease happens in a video of a Twitch livestream where Michel Ancel and other members of the Ubisoft Montpelier dev studio were playing their latest creation Rayman Legends and answering questions. Just after the 2:00 mark, Ancel gets off the couch and returns with artwork that appears to display a re-design of Beyond Good & Evil heroine Jade. She looks great. That just makes the pain worse.

At this point, the collective pining-away for BGE2 is crossing the threshold into The Last Guardian/Final Fantasy Versus XIII (FFXV) territory. But there's still some hope that that we'll get another game set on Hyllis, which is the worst part. Two years ago, Ancel said that BGE2 would have to wait for another generation of consoles. Well, monsieur, those machines are here now, n'est-ce-pas? When do we get the game, Michel? Enough with the teasing, already.

[via Joystiq]


    *single tear rolls down cheek*

      *places hand on your shoulder*


        You're in a comforting mood today heh

          Kotaku is a sad place today, my friend. A very sad place.

          Hell I wish someone would comfort me about the current release date of Mario Kart 8. But I appear to get 0 sympathy. :P

            What's wrong with its release date?

              It's not tomorrow. :P

                *pats back*

                There, there.

                At least it's not released months after everywhere else!

    Ubisoft says this isn't a BG&E2 image and that it's actually early concept art for Jade from the original game.

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