Apparently The Assassin's Creed Movie Now Has A Director

Last week we made a ponderous list of all the video game movies currently in 'production', whatever that means. I reckon 80% of that list will never get made, but the Assassin's Creed movie? I think that will happen. It has an awesome main star in Michael Fassbender — and now it has a director. Apparently.

According to Deadline, Ubisoft and New Regency are currently in talks with Justin Kurzel — who just finished working with Fassbender on MacBeth — to direct the Assassin's Creed flick. Relative newbie Kurzel must have done a decent job if Fassbender is pushing to work with him again.

I haven't seen much Kurzel's work, but word on the street is this news is actually good news for the Assassin's Creed project. His previous work is good and this is a chance for him to create something special with a major property.

Maybe this is a video game movie adaptation I can actually get excited about.

Michael Fassbender Poised To Re-Team With ‘Macbeth’ Helmer On ‘Assassin’s Creed’ [Deadline]

Comments Assassins Creed....I can dig this.

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