As Usual, Blizzard Has The Best April Fools' Joke

As Usual, Blizzard Has The Best April Fools' Joke

Every year in the world of video games, there are two certainties: 1) Half-Life 3 will not be announced; and 2) Blizzard will have the best April Fools' joke around.

This year's prank is Blizzard: Outcasts, a hypothetical fighting game that features some of the lesser-known characters in Blizzard's various universes, like the Treasure Goblin and Jim Raynor's wife (who is dead).

Consider this the less exciting version of Heroes of the Storm, the arena game in which all-stars from all of Blizzard's games team up and battle one another.

The whole Outcasts page is full of great lines — "I have no idea why you would doubt us, but yes, we are indeed making this game. For realsies," Blizzard writes — so go check it out. My favourite is the controller:

As Usual, Blizzard Has The Best April Fools' Joke


    They had fake details they released about the new WoW expansion too, all of which were hilarious if you know what they're on about/played/play WoW. MMO-Champion has it all nicely laid out.

    And here I was hoping they would announce a "redesign of WoD Garrisons to be like Minecraft". Oh well.

    I think it would be fantastic if one year the money and time they spend on their Aprils Fools BS could be directed somewhere it can be better used.

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