Atari Rescued This Cool Minimalist Shooter From A Collapsing TimeGate

Atari Rescued This Cool Minimalist Shooter From A Collapsing TimeGate
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When Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios shut down, my first concern was for the gorgeously blocky shooter the developer had announced just a month prior. Thankfully Atari thought Minimal was too pretty to die as well.

According to a press release from Atari, the publisher had been in talks with TimeGate early on to cooperate on the Minimal project. When TimeGate was forced to declare bankruptcy, Atari worked with them to extricate the game. Now, with a little help from Human Head Studios of Wisconsin, Atari is ready to deliver Minimal to PC sometime in the next couple months.

Minimal is a competitive shooter that combines fast-paced shooting with crafting. Players collect resources and use a blueprint system to craft custom weapons and armour, with the goal of powering up their side’s Titan and helping it destroy the enemy’s base.

I am so pleased. Let us celebrate with all the screenshots.


  • Well fingers crossed it’s not as glitchy as Colonial Marines, that was special to say the least…

  • I hate that Timegate is remembered as the co-developers of Colonial Marines. They’ve done some great work, like Section 8 and Kohan. Section 8: Prejudice is a fantastic game, I’ve put 50 hours into it. It’s just a shame that GFWL will take the game with it.

    It’s also kind of sad the many Timegate employees formed Orb Interactive, and tried to fund their game through Kickstarter, but monumentally failed.

  • Hang on, Human Head are working on Prey 2. Have they finished work on Prey 2? Unlikely, since we haven’t heard anything about it, and Bethesda would want to market it if the game was close to release.

  • On a scale from 1 to yes, absolutely, how responsible was Gearbox for TimeGate’s collapse?
    Given that they apparently barely worked with TimeGate on what was SUPPOSED to be Gearbox’s game, I have to wonder how much A:CM played a part in all this.

  • Looks like Command & Conquer Renegade, Team Buddies and Future Cop: LAPD all rolled into one. Awesome. Best game I’ve seen in many years (Since Team Buddies itself really).


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