Bad Lip Reading Makes Twilight So Much Better

“Hey you know what? I have jeggings for my pelican.”

When he’s not taking on Game of Thrones or shooting a Russian Unicorn, the mad genius behind Bad Lip Reading is usually taking bad movies like Twilight and making them much better.

Today, he’s shared his latest, which takes clips from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and makes them much stranger and much funnier than in the original movie. Though come to think of it, these movies are pretty strange on their own, so… I guess it’s sort of a wash, strangeness-wise. Definitely funnier, though.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find my Grover mask.


  • Twilight is perfect the way it is. If they wanted to make fun of bad movies, they’d get Divergent, Hunger Games or Harry Potter, just to name a few of the really awful ones.

    • Twilight is nonsense of the worst kind and just a great example of the worst movies ever making a tonne of money from idiots.
      I think it is fantastic its legacy is permanently tainted by videos like the above lettering the internet.

      It is an easy target though and you are right about people needing to get Divergent BUT they do mock vids of Hunger Games too on Cinema Sins etc.

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