Battlefield 4 Should Have One Less Problem Soon

Battlefield 4 Should Have One Less Problem Soon

After months of scrambling to fix a plethora of technical issues that were keeping fans from going online and actually playing Battlefield 4, series developer DICE announced Friday morning that it’s officially bringing out the big guns to try and fix the game’s problems once and for all.

The furor over Battlefield 4’s initial connectivity issues may have died down a bit from its rocky launch in late 2013. But Karl Magnus Troedsson, vice president and general manager at DICE, said in a blog post on the Battlefield website that “some players on certain platforms” are still experiencing “rubber-banding,” a glitchy phenomenon caused by latency issues that creates an odd effect where players are occasionally whipped backwards several feet when they’re trying to move across a map.

“We’ve found that the root cause of the issue was a configuration of certain hardware types dedicated to 64-player matches,” Troedsson wrote. “We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week.”

He added that the team has already conducted “a significant amount of testing” with the new tech and they’re “already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches.”

Troedsson didn’t spell out what platforms are still experiencing these technical difficulties, nor did he specify exactly how systemic the issue is or has been.

Are you a Battlefield 4 player who’s been experiencing issues with the game — “rubber-banding” related or otherwise? Let us know in the comments section, and make sure to specify the platform on which you’re playing the game.


  • Haven’t played this since first couple weeks of PS4 launch, I’ve been downloading the patches and DLC (I bought the season pass) and have basically forgotten about it. Will be nice to have a decent shooter to fall back into to hopefully.

  • Occasional lag issues on xbone. Although the naval dlc maps seem to lag horribly most times for some reason. Ive ruled out any network issues.

  • Just erase the game from existence and give everyone a refund. It’s been 7 months and it’s still broken.

  • I played on Thursday night (on PS4) and from what I saw then, the rubber banding issue is pretty much gone. Much, much better now.

    • That’s funny because the new servers didn’t get activate until Friday night. I played Friday arvo and it was worse than ever.

      • They were up Thursday night, although there was an issue with some servers only supporting 44 players instead of 64. Just tried it again this afternoon and still all good, so hopefully the worst is behind us, because it was damn near unplayable a lot of the time before that.

  • I have been playing on PC since launch and have played all the DLC maps aswell. Apart from the first few days of Naval Strike, I haven’t experienced any major bugs. After playing Naval Strike for about 7 hours, I just stopped playing and havn’t played since. The bugs were putting my friends off playing and the general community attitude wasn’t positive in the slightest. I will probably come back on every DLC release but I don’t think I will stay for long. Get well soon BF4.

  • Haven’t played it yet since the new servers were placed online. Hopefully it has been improved because this last week has been the worst it has ever been. All 64 servers were glitch in our and only allowing 44 players. And even with the significantly lower player count the servers were still lagging like crazy. Why don’t they just allow rental servers? Then we wouldn’t have to hate them for their terrible servers.

    Also to clarify, rubber banding is when the last few seconds of your actions are undone. Not just teleport you back. Like changing guns then all of a sudden your previous gun is back out again.

  • I’ve had only 1 problem in my Battlefield 4 gameplay since I got it last week and that was I once spawned into the fight with no guns and died. But I got spawn killed anyway so no biggie. Had my guns as soon as I respawned. So I think Battlefield 4 is a quality title at this point in time, having not played it on launch.

  • I am one of the few out there who didn’t buy BF4. I would love to but cannot justify spending the money on something like this. Surely it’s illegal to sell something that doesn’t deliver the goods. I hate this about the gaming industry. They do a half assed release and think “Oh, we’ll fix it as we go.” This game has been in beta for the past 7 months and should not have been put on the market.

  • I thought Naval Strike was laggy, but besides that it seems pretty good in general. It’s def my most played Xbone game. I sold Titanfall after a few weeks, it was just to small one one dimensional in comparison.

  • Xbox One was experiencing terrible packet loss issues. I’ve managed to get my NAT completely open now and since that i’ve experienced ZERO lag issues. it could possibly be related to NAT.

    also, Yeah sure, its all great that theyve fixed 64 player servers, if only they werent so stupid to accidentally make all australian conquest large servers 44 players lol

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