BioShock Looks Glorious Using The Unreal Engine 4

In terms of technology and aesthetics, I remember being fully and completely blown away by BioShock when it was first released. The visuals, the art direction, the ambition — all of it. BioShock was simply a glorious looking world. Now, thanks to the Unreal Engine 4, it looks even better.

Noodlespagoodle took all the original BioShock assets and chucked them into the new Unreal engine, just to see how the game would look. Interestingly, if I remember correctly, the original BioShock was created on a heavily modified version of the Unreal Engine 2! Not the Unreal Engine 3, the engine that provided a backbone to so many video games last generation.

It looks great obviously — BioShock has always been a brilliant looking game — but this video has gotten me hankering for a similar visual sea-change in upcoming titles. To my mind, BioShock was one of the first handful of games that really looked 'next-gen' from a visual standpoint on the Xbox 360 at the time. I want to be dazzled like that again.


    Rapture will always look amazing, if only for the nostalgia attached to the place for everyone who's played Bioshock. It's just an amazing bit of game engineering

    Yeah it's crazy what they managed to get out of the Unreal Engine 2, in a large part down to some amazing water rendering. I remember just staring for minutes at the water running down the stairs and dripping down the walls.

    I can see myself buying a lot of remastered versions of last generation games if they can pump up the pretty to these levels.

      I never understood why they don't do that more often. There's a lot of games that shouldn't be too hard to release remastered versions.

        Because it's getting to the point where a $500-600 laptop can max out these games on PC, where people purchased them for $2 on Steam. And they look tons better than the 360/PS3 counterparts.

        Then, the visual difference to a PS4/xbone 're-master' is heavily reduced. And the game will be $50+. Meaning people won't buy it.

          But seriously, even just remastering COD. They all use the same engine, with improvements. Importing up to take advantage of features would be good. People would buy.

          Also Crysis, I want damn fucking Crysis upgraded.

          Surely Crytek can just port it into the latest Cryengine and it'd be the best looking thing ever. Look at FC3, in stills it can look better but it's completely subpar in world building, it just has shaders. Imagine old games taking advantage of these newer shaders.

    Wow! That looks really awesome.

    *Waits for the inevitable announcement of the remastered Bioshock trilogy on Xbone and PS4*

    I reckon gameplay and mechanics have moved on since 2007, and better graphics couldn't cancel out knowing the conclusion of the story for me.

    Also what would they charge? $20? $40? $60?

    Sometimes nostalgia is best left in the past. I'd prefer developers aim for new, great experiences.

    *Reads first paragraph, is confused.*
    "on the Xbox 360".

    Oh, I see.

      You don't think Bioshock had great visuals? Blasphemy.

        I never played it on 360 so I couldn't say. My comment was about me joining the dots together - Mark must have through 360 graphics were great for the time. Because they definitely didn't stand out from the crowd on PC, however nice they were.

          I see I see! I definitely think it stood out on PC, at least among the top games of that year. Whether it was just the whole design aesthetic, or the attention to detail, Bioshock on PC was the first game that really captivated me with its graphics. It "wowed" me.

          Maybe I'm just being a naive biased butthole who remembers it a million times better than it actually played.

    A better idea would be an expansion pack (aka DLC) that includes this engine update.
    I'd pay money for that in a heartbeat

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