Blizzard Wants You To Leave The House, Meet Other Real Humans

Blizzard Wants You To Leave The House, Meet Other Real Humans

Blizzard's latest hit, the card game Hearthstone, can be played online. Just like every other Blizzard game. But, for reasons known only to higher powers, the company wants you to leave your home and play Hearthstone with other people. In the flesh.

Braving both the elements and direct interaction with another member of your own species will get you a fancy card backing (above), which in games will let your reclusive opponents know you're just that little bit braver.

To get the backing, you need to be playing with at least two other people with the game's "Player Near Me" function.

Pull Up a Chair: Introducing Fireside Gatherings [Blizzard, via PC Gamer]


    My money is on its to setup selling this game as a traditional TCCG.

      I doubt it. One thing they keep talking about is how digital only allows them to do much more. For instance cards that distribute damage randomly to would be too overly complicated to resolve this in a real life setting.

    I'll be playing at PAX - and I'll get 3 bajillion new Miis.

    @ianuniacke - not really, throw in a few dice with the starter pack, solved.
    sorry comments freaked out

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