Call Of Duty Player Tricks Others Into Virtually Killing Themselves

Call of Duty Player Tricks Others Into Virtually Killing Themselves

One of the best ways to play Call of Duty, or really most first-person shooters, is to ditch the guns and the traditional deathmatch and whatever modes. If you've never played it, knife-only matches can be a lot of fun. They can also be the perfect setup for some hilarious trickery.

Enter the always-entertaining video games YouTube channel, this time hosting Im Suda's shenaniganry as he ropes in unsuspecting targets, draws them out to a ledge or window, and then waits until the last minute to side-step out of the way and watch as the victim falls to their untimely death.

Amazingly, even the players that have caught on to his antics still keep coming back for more. Must be that unquenchable desire for revenge and for the trickee to become the tricker.


    Never having played a FPS on console I've never experienced aim assist, but thats just stupid how inaccurate you can be and still get a kill.
    Also the voice chat sums up CoD to me. "I'm going to rape you", why someone feels the need to say that is beyond me.

      agreed. While impressive gameplay (or poor gameplay on the other players behalfs), this is the kind of behaviour that keeps people thinking that gaming's for immature kids. If all you do is watch COD videos with player commentary I can't say I blame them for thinking so

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