Check Out The Cast Of The Steins; Gate Sequel

Check Out The Cast Of The Steins; Gate Sequel

Say hello to the cast of the next Science Adventure game; they’re in for a dark, dark ride.

Chaos; Child is the next official game in the highly popular Science Adventure series. The previous games are Chaos; Head Noah, Steins; Gate and Robotics; Notes. As part of the Science Adventure series, Chaos; Child will share the same world as the previous games — specifically, Chaos; Head Noah.

The story takes place in the year 2015, six years after a devastating earthquake killed over 3000 people in Shibuya, and follows the members of a high school journalism club.

Here are the character profiles for the main cast:

Character 1: Takuru Miyashiro

Description: The main protagonist of the game, a third year high school senior, and head of the journalism club. He lost his parents in the earthquake 6 years ago and currently lives in a camping car parked in the Miyashita park evacuation area.

Character 2: Mysterious girl

Description: A young girl enveloped in mystery.

Character 3: Mio Kunosato

Description: She’s a third year student at Takuru’s high school, but has never attended. A tall girl who always wears a lab coat.

Character 4: Uki Yamazoe

Description: She’s 14 years old, though she looks younger, and is calm and quiet for her age. She’s no good with cell phones, PCs, and other devices.

Character 5: Serika Onoe

Description: A second year high school student in the journalism club. She’s a childhood friend of Takuru and calls him “Taku.”

Character 6: Nono Kurusu

Description: She’s a third year high school student and second in charge of the journalism club. Like Takuru, she lost her parents in the earthquake and was raised in the same orphanage.

Character 7: Hinae Arimura

Description: She’s a second year high school student and head of the literature club. She’s a modern high school girl and sensitive to the latest trends.

Character 8: Hana Kazuki

Description: A first year high school student and member of the journalism club. She’s a quiet introverted otaku and extremely nearsighted. The girls of the journalism club treat her as their younger sister.

Here’s an English subbed version of the trailer:

Producer Tatsuya Matsubara has stated that Chaos; Child will retain the psychotic suspense of Chaos; Head Noah, but will add stronger horror elements. As if these games didn’t get dark enough.

Chaos; Child currently has no scheduled release date or release platform yet. No word on an English version either, but we got an official English version of Steins; Gate, so don’t give up hope.

CHAOS;CHILD(カオスチャイルド)科学アドベンチャーシリーズ第4弾 [CHAOS;CHILD]


  • hopefully the english release of steins gate did well so JAST can start translating Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes.

    in a perfect world we’d get this game translated before the inevitable anime adaption.

    still hyped, i really liked chaos;head, and this is straight up a sequel to it (not spiritual sequels like steins;gate and robotics;notes), so colour me excited.

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