Child Of Light Continues Being A Ridiculously Handsome Video Game

Child Of Light Continues Being A Ridiculously Handsome Video Game

Having played a fair amount of Child of Light I can confirm a few things: the writing isn’t great, the systems are surprisingly in-depth and above all, it is drop dead gorgeous. The word I like to use to describe it is ‘handsome’. It is a goddamn handsome video game.

The above trailer for Child of Light, I think, is rather unique. It reminds me of the amazing Prince of Persia trailer from a few years back, the one with the Sigur Ros song as background music. That trailer managed to make its world seem gloriously gorgeous, but used actual game footage to do so. This Child of Light trailer pulls off the same trick: it manages to use game footage, but also feel remarkably stylised at the same time.

Its a trick that can only be done successfully with truly gorgeous video games. Prince of Persia was gorgeous and Child of Light is also gorgeous.

Not, not gorgeous. Handsome. That’s a much better word. Much more accurate.


  • a few things need to be said, firstly dude how old are you 10? and why is it that this site has really gone downhill regarding the MATURITY levels, sure I understand a lot of you are in their 20s but acting like 10 year olds. seriously kotaku how about raising the maturity levels a bit huh? considering that the average gamer is in his 30s, the amount of stories written for and like children is really turning me off this site. starting to loose all respect actually.

    • Hope you’re joking, open your eyes and realise that this game is shaping up to be great and I personally can’t wait to play it. I don’t know what you’re trying to say about maturity, a good game is a good game regardless of what rating classification it receives. I have played plenty of G and PG games that I love and continue to love, along with M and R games that I also love. Maybe you should try widening your horizons, you’re missing out on some great games, and if you aren’t interested in a game then you don’t have to read the article. Keep up the good work Kotaku, can’t wait for this game.

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