Competition: WIN A Trials Fusion Season Pass Every Day!

At Kotaku Australia we're a bit obsessive when it comes to Trials Fusion and our times, so we thought we'd set up an official competition, allowing you guys and girls to compete against one another! What's at stake? A season pass for Trials Fusion on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4!

How To Enter

The rules are simple. Each day this week I will choose a track. It is upon this track you will do battle. To enter you must play, get the quickest time possible, and then post your time (alongside an uploaded pic/screenshot of your time) in the comments below.

You have until 3pm the following day to post the best time you can. You can only post one time per comp, so make sure your time is as good as it can possibly be when you post it!

We'll announce the 1x daily winner in the competition the next day at 6pm, when I will choose another track for you all to compete on, and so forth!

You need to be over 18 and Australian to enter. Full terms and conditions.

Each day the winner will receive season pass for Trials Fusion on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Already have a season pass? Why not spread the Trials love and give it to a friend. That'll give you one more person to compete with! Each player can only win one code, which will stop Kotaku legends like FatShady from dominating every day of the week.

For the first track? Let's go with Turbine Terror!

Let the games begin!


    hmmm guess this means you need to own the game to enter :( Booooooo!

    hmmm guess this means you need to own a new console to enter :( Booooooo!

      No, Trials: Fusion is out on XBox 360 and PC as well as Xbone and PS4.

      Edit: But you will need to own an Xbone or PS4 to use the Season Pass obviously.

      Last edited 28/04/14 10:24 pm

        Somebody missed the relevance of my comment in relation to that posted prior to my own :(

    (has a season pass, wants to enter anyway)

    Oh man, looks like I'm going to need some more platforms so I don't waste my other 6 season passes.


    I have Fusion on PC but can I still post my time from the PC version and win a season pass on consoles? (I'll probably buy the game again on PS4 if I win :D)

    @markserrels : To make this fair, are we all having to use the same bike? Some of us only got it this week, some of us might only have played it a little bit etc. The type of bike alone can influence the track time...

      I don't think you have to go too far into the game to get the best bikes if I remember correctly? I have it already.

        No worries :) just wondering :)

          The 2nd bike is probably the most overall best bike for speed, so youll be fine :)

    @markserrels any concern that only being able to post one time will result in everyone holding their times until 6pm?

    I want to know what I'm chasing in a mad race against the clock!

      Could just reply for times maybe? Post screens at the end of the day. I'm sitting on 45.005

        How the.... :O

          That is a seriously fast time (as in faster than Shady fast..... I got his stupid annoying little helmet finally and still was at 45.5.....). I can tell this is going to become an unhealthy little thing that Serrels has started.... Damn you Serrels!!!!! (Said with love)

        Wow... damn... checking youtube and some guys are getting 44 and one guy reckons he managed 43 O_o

    This is a damn awesome idea for a comp! Now to see where I am sitting... (PSN ID - nateadamson)

    Track: Turbine Terror
    Time: 46.657
    Bike: The second one (erm... whats it called again...)
    Console: PS4
    Faults: 0! (Yay me!)

    Last edited 28/04/14 8:27 pm

    Funnily enough I suck at easy medium tracks but ill have a go. I have all three versions of thw game but no season pass. Im also down to a single income family (new baby in 3 weeks) so I need this too!

    But I fear Sughly or many of you will take me on this. Ill post my best regardless but ill cal it now I wont win.

      No I'm totally with you on that, I personally prefer tracks a little further in. The short tracks demand that every little move is made with precision, gets frustrating. It's a good challeng nonetheless!

      Hey but this coming from the guy who killed that bombing beach level! I couldnt touch you on that track!

    Track: Turbine Terror
    Bike: Yeah that second one
    Console: Xbox One
    Faults: 0
    Time: 00:45.891

    Don't know if I'll come anywhere close to winning, but I sure as hell will give it a red hot go.

    Beachhead. To be fair, that was my best ever placing on a track when I did it. At the time it was 9th globally :)

    I don't want to mention you as I don't want to give you more chance to improve on it but I have to call it quits. I have put in a half decent time for todays level, 44.420 but im off to do other stuff. Hope there are harder tracks toward the end of the week to really get into.

    Also some of the top riders are doing what is known as coffin runs, where you perform a trick to gain more forward momentum. The top riders are still top riders so it also takes skill, but does seem to give an advantage greater than was designed. I wan't to avoid doing that so I'll just be happy with my time for now.

      *hats off* haha, I tried for a while to best you on Beachhead and didnt even get close to catching you! Doesnt surprise me you ranked so high. Yeah I'll try this turbine one again a little later but I doubt I'll get that much better. I know my wheel caught the building a little coming off one of those drops, but the timing is too tight to improve on that.

    OK im having trouble replying to comments so sorry if this is all over the place.

    My entry for today, 44.420

    156 overall so that'll have to do me. Good luck others and I am sure some of you are able to beat that. Looking forward to some of the harder tracks :)

    Good comp Mark, thanks for setting it up :)

    Can I enter this on the PC version? I'm using a PS4 controller so that kinda helps :P

    EDIT: This is my best 45.022, on pc that is XD

    EDIT again: Just got 44.814, though this one isn't valid as it's my second one, and I'm also on pc XD

    Last edited 28/04/14 11:41 pm

    probably should've read the details. PS4 or Xbone only.
    oh well.... even though its not a valid entry, I just spent an hour listening to the first 2 seconds of that narrator, so I"m gonna post it anyway.


      I turned those guys off!

        you can do that?!?!
        thanks man, you've just made this comp so much easier :p

    My best was a 46.689, by the looks of the times so far I'm not gonna have any chance of winning until @fatshadylive, @sughly, @wagzy, and @35 have won.

      @wagzy & myself are on PC, so I don't think they're valid entries, so you've 'only' got Shady & Sughly to contend with :p

      if it helps, I was getting times very similar to you, but then I watched a few replays of the quicker people on my friends list & pretty much just copied what they did.
      shaved over a second off my time by copying @mythamphetamine

      also, if you haven't already, check out University of Trials for some pointers.

        The way I understood it is that anyone playing on any platform can enter, but the prizes are only for Xbone and PS4.

        Only one person on my friends list, and he doesn't have the game, there's always youtube I s'pose, and I'm pretty sure you can watch videos of runs from the leaderboard as well.

        Cheers for the tips.

          Quick tip. Go to the leaderboards and watch the replays of the top 100, you'll get some good ideas of how to do it from that.

        I'm on pc too! And not actually competing, just enjoying the challenge ^^

    I honestly feel like a jerk tho if I do take one of these but wifey stopped working a few weeks ago and with a new kid my gaming budget just went to zero! If I manage to squeeze one out of my contacts I'll be sure to give them away so hopefully everyone gets one!

      No need to feel like a jerk, you can't help it if you're really good at it. If you're good enough to win something, then go for it. And like you said, you don't have the season pass anyway. And besides @markserrels has designed the competition so it's as fair as possible.

      I'm playing on 360 now, but my Xbone copy should be coming in the mail this week with a season pass, so on the off chance that I do happen to win I fully intend on giving it away.

    Damn didn't see this till this morning, what would 3pm be here in NZ 5pm? not sure I can pull this one off.

      I think you will have lots of other days to have a decent crack at it..... and Shadys 44.5 is insanely fast......

        Judging by the times there is only 6-7 people competing, surely you cant win more than once right? ;)

    Even though I'm already beaten, Ill put this one up anyway.

    I think there are probably a lot more that 6 or 7, but they have all seen the ridiculousness that is fat shady and his speed run of awesomeness and not posted a time. I have tried my best to catch that little helmet (again.... I think I was ahead for about 3 minutes...) but I am stuck at 44.8....... I have the season pass, so I am not worried about prizes... just chasing the professor and all of the kotaku faithful is more than enough....

    Two suggestions;

    1. Let the winner pick the next track; and
    2. Bring up the in game menu by hitting start, then turn off the narrator/voice. No worries.

    Also, 45.850. Unsubstantiated.

    I'm going to be late for submission on most of these, but this is such a great idea anyway.
    BIKE: Roach
    TIME: 44.925
    RANK: 94

    The top times save a further 2 seconds...

    Best I could do under pressure, hehe.

    Track: Fusion Factory
    Time: 56.054

    Screenshot: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

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