Computer Simulation Of 1500 People Looking At Smartphones And Walking

Computer Simulation of 1,500 People Looking at Smartphones and Walking

Do you text and walk? Don't! Here's computer simulation that shows what will happen. Well, kinda.

Recently in Japan, mobile phone carriers like NTT Docomo have been educating the public that using smartphones while walking isn't safe.

Docomo collaborated with Aichi University of Technology to create a computer simulation of 1,500 people walking through the busy Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo while looking at smartphones. You can see the results in the video below:

全員歩きスマホin渋谷スクランブル交差点 [[email protected]]


    Perfect chance to add rag doll physics to something....missed.

    This is what it's like at my train station every morning WITHOUT the smart phones. Not to mention the people who get off the escalator and stop dead to look around. AAARGGHHHH WHY YOU NO SENSE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS

      I'm going to resist every part of my brain screaming out to go on a rant, haha.

      Pretty much any peak hour commute is full of derp behaviour like this. You can always spot the people who never use the train [or the ones who do but should fucking know better].

      It amazes me how many people just have no idea what they need to do or where they need to go, they don't think about it until the moment they have to. It's frustrating. Any time I have to put money on my ticket, without fail I end up being behind someone who hasn't been on a train since 1980, and decides to pay with 10c coins one by one while digging them out of their bag.

      Whoops, see I couldn't help let a little slip out....... ;-)

    Who needs a computer simulation when you can just go to central station in the morning, iv seen people falling down stairs, almost falling off platforms and cleaning up each other on a daily basis.

    It is known that zombie movements can be predicted in the same way...

    That blue person at the end - not sure if constantly falling over or trying to do the worm

    This video had so much promise but failed to deliver, especially when all those buses went away and parked away from the crossing.

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