Crazy Stunts Like These Are The Best Reason To Keep Playing GTA V

Crazy Stunts Like These Are The Best Reason To Keep Playing GTA V

Every time I think I’m ready to relegate Grand Theft Auto V to the video game archive closet, another insane video stunt montage is released, and I’m drawn right back in.

The Nomad Union crew have established themselves as masters of crazy GTA V stunts, pulling off amazing feats to aerial acrobatics that no vehicle, even one powered by Rockstar’s wacky physics, should be able to perform.

Either that, or they just record hours of relatively boring footage and stitch together the good bits. Either way, they are performing a service.

GTA 5 Stunt Montage [Nomad Union – V [YouTube]]


  • I just can’t go back to it after R* took my legitimately earnt money off my second character. Yes my first character was dodgy, I never stole but hackers just randomly gifted me the money. However I didn’t worry when all that got taken off me, no worries there and not a tear shed at all. I actually appreciated my 2nd character more when I had to rework for everything. But when I woke up one day and all my money was gone, over 2m legally, legitimately earnt from grinding missions, racing, levelling up… screw that. I lodged appeals with them, sent in complaints and never heard back. What kind of shit was that?

    • I never made or recieved a single cent of illigitimate money in that game……..

      But to be honest I havn’t been back on since those changes happened, a little scared to look now.
      I mean geez, if it was just a wide spread wipe intended to restore the economy in game, they should have coupled it with a big content update at least. (As to not look so much like an attempt to regain sales lost since it was released)

      • Not to mention getting their shit together with actual HEISTS by now? I mean what is it, six, seven months since it launched and still no word of heists?

  • If you told me this was a promotional video for the next Trials game, I would totally believe it.

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