Dark Souls II Players Have Collectively Lost 13,051,713,397,869 Souls

Dark Souls II Players Have Collectively Lost 13,051,713,397,869 Souls
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That. That is a big number. I had to turn my phone sideways and everything to work that out. I don’t even know how to say it. The staggering figure is the combined souls lost across both 360 and PS3, and the result of some 252, 163, 804 deaths overall.

Suddenly that 20K lost in No-Man’s Wharf doesn’t seem so bad, and at least we’re all having fun. Right? Perhaps the worst stat of all is that after enemies ‘falls’ is apparently the second largest cause of death:

  • Enemy 165, 692, 980
  • Falls 45, 238, 688
  • Other players 18, 436, 039
  • Other 14, 741, 950
  • Traps 4, 252, 244

via Dark Souls 2 Beyond The Bonfire

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  • Ever since I discovered that the Life Protector Ring could be repaired, death became nothing to me. I also ended the game with 3 of them and 2 of the better version that I didn’t use.
    I even finished the game with 30 Effigies, with about 10 more I could buy from someone else.

    So does that count towards the number? I would like to find out how many times I died. Also wondering if it counts co-op death. Or those Ratmaze deaths that you originally thought was unfair, until you discovered that it counts as victory if you could make it to the fog gate before getting killed (I loved trolling people this way. Especially when they tried blasting AOE hexes at the entry point).

    • I don’t know if it’s the rat covenant, or a similar one, but I kept getting pulled into some guy’s world the other day in the Doors of Pharros. I would appear in waist-deep water, with a big Mastodon spear guy and a few giant rats around me, while the guy stood on the other side of them throwing hexes.
      I didn’t have a hope of getting anywhere, let alone to the fog door. 🙁

      Good thing you don’t lose souls out of it; I basically resigned myself to the occasional interruption while I was trying to explore.

      • Yeah, that’s like the Rat Covenant 2 area. Just run! Run forward to the backright through a cave entrance. Right in front of you is a ladder, climb up it and hope the other player isn’t waiting with range or something (sprint up the ladder). Then move forward and run the edge of the cliff while rolling past those Dwarves. Climb some stairs and walk through another doorway. The fog door is on your left and you can actually leave right there. But usually the player will unlock a trap that pushes a wall in front of it, so quickly do a head check. If not, run to the right dodging enemies and flying buzzsaws. The buzzsaws need to travel some distance so you can easily see them, just need to time it. The statues may be throwing axes, but it’s only when you’re in front of them. The only problem is at the end with another enemy that’s on a very thin cliff before the fog gate.

        If you’re fast enough the player might still be catching up.

        • I eventually got to the fog door in between all the summonings, but the boss kicked my arse, so I left to try somewhere else. I didn’t know that getting to the fog door granted victory, so I’ll try that when I go back.

          I doubt the guy was getting much in the way of souls out of me anyway, I only had a few thousand.

          • You can just easily travel to the bonfire right outside the bosses fog gate. You can’t be summoned when you’re in there.

  • Fuuurrrrrrak, that’s a lot of souls. I’ve only lost around 12,000 so far, and have just gotten my fourth Large soul.

  • Some quick maths indicates that player’s lost an average of 51,000 souls per death… Surely that can’t be right?

    It’s thirteen trillion, by the way. 😉

  • 13,051,713,397,869 = Thirteen trillion-fifty one billion-seven hundred and thirteen million-three hundred and ninety seven thousand-eight hundred and sixty nine

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