Dark Souls II Tips Delivered Straight From 1993

Dark Souls II is difficult. Dark Souls II is so difficult that tips from people who play games today just aren't going to cut the mustard. We're going to need help from people who played games back in the 'good old days'.

That's where the above video, from the My Life in Gaming YouTube channel comes in.

I love the presentation. It's a bog standard tips video, dressed up in the archaic style of VHS videos that did the round in the late 80s/early 90s. It's fantastic and endlessly watchable.

And, from my experience with Dark Souls II at least, the advice is actually pretty helpful — rudimentary, but helpful. Plenty of the advice given reflects perfectly the solutions I came up with myself after fighting these bosses. Personally I've found that most of the boss encounters in Dark Souls II were a little easier than the original (probably because of the skills I learned from the first game) but, regardless, this is actually a pretty solid resource.

Also: star wipes. So many star wipes.


    The darker the soul, the bigger the heart.

    I'll keep this on hand when I finally get my mits on the pc version!

    Interesting how many tips were "Use magic and bring friends."

    I love the intentional mispronounciations and labels for zones. Magma Mansion indeed....

    Those are some terrible tips/strategies. It was pretty much "Bring friends and don't get greedy"

    Haha, that's a fairly accurate recreation of the old tip guides, full of basic and often detrimental tips (Detrimental because they're usually the slowest method or actually make it more difficult for you), wrong in a lot of places (Authority, the royal rat?) and full of so much cheese.

    I love how he says to watch how much damage the fire sword does to Mytha when Flame Swathe is really what's doing the damage. Also, don't believe the tip about the Giant Lord being hard to fight long distance. His swings are incredibly slow and easy to avoid. You can also make the Dragonrider fight easier by raising platforms to increase the room you have to move around. Also, friends can often be bad for a lot of fights as the boss will randomly swing between you without warning.

    That was terrible. Truly not worth watching twice.

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