Destiny Just Got A Fancy New Website With Fancy New Info On The Game

Destiny Just Got A Fancy New Website With Fancy New Info On The Game

Now that Titanfall and InFamous: Second Son are on shelves, the next big-boy-behemoth-AAA-monster-blob off the ranks might just be Destiny; the much hyped shooter/rpg/mmo/thing that Bungie has been working on as its follow up to that little known shooter you may or may not have heard of: Halo. No big deal.

And now it has a website. A sexy official website. And official fancy website that is animated, interactive and just flat out impressive. I mean, above and beyond the fact that it’s Destiny and plenty of us (including myself) are extremely excited about this game, the website is just gorgeous on an aesthetics level and — technically speaking — pretty awesome. I love the site. I love looking at it. I also love the fact that it’s focused on a video game I’m legitimately hyped for.

I love this website


  • Can’t get excited for this without a PC version. Interested yes, but not excited.

  • The site looks great, but according to the ‘Destination’ section there are just 4 different locations in the game (Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars). It would be great if we got to visit the rest of the planets in the solar system, but I suspect Bungie will keep those places locked for future installments.

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