Destiny Just Got A Fancy New Website With Fancy New Info On The Game

Now that Titanfall and InFamous: Second Son are on shelves, the next big-boy-behemoth-AAA-monster-blob off the ranks might just be Destiny; the much hyped shooter/rpg/mmo/thing that Bungie has been working on as its follow up to that little known shooter you may or may not have heard of: Halo. No big deal.

And now it has a website. A sexy official website. And official fancy website that is animated, interactive and just flat out impressive. I mean, above and beyond the fact that it's Destiny and plenty of us (including myself) are extremely excited about this game, the website is just gorgeous on an aesthetics level and — technically speaking — pretty awesome. I love the site. I love looking at it. I also love the fact that it's focused on a video game I'm legitimately hyped for.

I love this website


    Can't get excited for this without a PC version. Interested yes, but not excited.

    Any word yet how the PvP will work, or more to the point if it's avoidable?

    The site looks great, but according to the 'Destination' section there are just 4 different locations in the game (Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars). It would be great if we got to visit the rest of the planets in the solar system, but I suspect Bungie will keep those places locked for future installments.

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