Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Sells 2.7 Million Copies On PC Since Launch

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Sells 2.7 Million Copies On PC Since Launch

Briefly: According to Blizzard, the expansion’s final boss has been slain 1.5 million times so far — a small number, considering you get to kill him over and over in Adventure Mode.


  • 2.7M is a number I’d be happy to be getting a slice of but wow… that’s one hell of a drop from the original game.

    • Considering the game wasn’t as popular with it’s user base after launch as Blizzard hoped it would be I’d say this is a pretty reasonable sales figure. Odd’s are word of mouth about the total overhaul will increase the sales over time. The 2.0 really did fix the crap out of a lot of the design problems.

  • I’m one of those sales after not logging into the game for 365days and with in an hour my lvl60 character went from 13k dmg to 80k the new system is great really enjoying it now have lvl 70 and two new characters sitting at 63 and 56 and with zero lag (few lag spikes) this is how the game have been from day one

  • While I agree as a whole – the game is much improved now, but even still – I do not find the the expansion worthy of its pricetag.

    After spending $80 on the Digital version of D3 on Day one, I’m still on the fence with D3’s expansion just being more of the same endless grinding – This time with legiondaries actually obtainable and useful though.

    • Yes but remember all 3 Diablo games are constant clicking to kill things for loot and not too much more.
      I think people complain about the repetition not realising what the game is.

      • Diablo 2 certainly had a wealth of depth to it that Diablo 3 was – and still is lacking.
        The current difficulty system for example. It’s pretty cool, cause if the game is too easy (it is) you can just pick a harder difficulty and you’re good to go.
        But Diablo 2 with its 3 difficulties felt like one long game. Nightmare Act 1 trash was harder than Normal Act 5 trash, and Hell Act 1 trash was harder than Nightmare Act 5 trash. There was this sense of progression throughout the difficulties.
        Diablo 3 though, for a new character you’d want to start on Expert to get any challenge, and then you could make it to level 70 before you reach Malthael. I think I’ve forgotten my point.

        And then there’s runes! Boy I miss runes and rune words. That’s one of the things that kept me going back in D2, gathering the right runes for the crazy powerful rune-items. I hope they introduce runes in the inevitable second sequel where you fight Imperius and all the angels and also Diablo again.

        • Yeah I miss runes too come to think of it.
          I do agree with your points. I was just saying in general thats all.

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