Disney Characters Do Really Strange Things, When You Think About It

Disney characters might be beloved, but that doesn't mean they can't also be weird. This becomes particularly apparent if you ever try to mimic their behaviour — which, by the way, you probably shouldn't.

BuzzFeedVideo has another entry in their funny creep series, and this time they argue that some of the iconic stuff we know and love Disney characters for sure would be creepy if we did it, too. This is mostly bad news for little girls around the world who want to be Disney princesses, though.

Things Disney Characters Do That would Be Creepy If You Did Them [BuzzFeedVideo]


    I dont see anything wrong with most of these........though my parrot does tell me im an oddball, thank god my puppet does not agree with him.

      I'm taking my true love I just saw from a distance to live under the sea with me, surely I won't have to worry if they can breathe or not!!!

    The first thing I thought of, before watching the video, was Donald Duck's penchant for not wearing pants.

      Or Daisy Duck's lack of pants.

      Or Scrooge's penchant for swimming in money without pants.

        If you had the opportunity to swim in money without pants and the guaranteed of no arrest or public indecency charges can you honestly say you wouldn't go for it?

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