Double Bumblebee Is The Best Thing About Rise Of The Dark Spark

Double Bumblebee Is The Best Thing About Rise Of The Dark Spark

I don’t care which universe he’s in, plucky yellow Autobot Bumblebee always rocks. And hey, that’s two voice actors Activision doesn’t have to hire! SPOILER FOR TRANSFORMERS PRIME ANIMATED SERIES FOLLOWS

If you don’t love Bumblebee for some reason — maybe you are a communist, which is ok — once you watch the final scene from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series, where the Autobot scout takes out the leader of the Decepticons and gets his voice back, you will want him to have your babies.

So yeah, great kid. No wonder he’s heading up next year’s new Transformers animated series.


    • Absolutely. I find it HILARIOUS now how Bay once said the reason Optimus was never a Kenworth was that ‘there was not enough physical room’, yet in these movies, these TINY cars turn into these *massive* robots and now… in part 4… OPTIMUS IS A FRIGGIN KENWORTH at the beginning… *sigh*

  • The only reason Bumbletrash is headlining anything is because he was pushed hard in merchandise when the Bayformers movies happened. Most collectors hate the character because there’s 7 Bumblebees to every other character.

    • It perplexes me how Jazz has all but been forgotten? He, Sideswipe, Mirage and Wheeljack were majorly popular in the G1 toys, now, they’re all forgotten nearly… 🙁

      • I was a huge Wheeljack and Mirage fan back in the day. Neither of them have has a decent toy release in years! Wheeljack’s had a couple of very expensive deluxe releases over the last couple of years but that’s it.

      • Have you noticed they went from having a ton of Transformers on each side in the early series to it now being 5/6 guys per a side.

        And since you always have Optimus, Ratchet and Bumblebee against Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Many of the older bots are all but forgotten.

  • I enjoyed the War/Fall of Cybertron games but dislike the movie games so I am pissed the are forcing both styles together for this game. I hope it amounts to a side quest for the War/Fall series which I hope continues.

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