Dying Woman Uses Oculus Rift To Go Outside One Last Time

Video games can take us anywhere — and that's a powerful ability that can mean the world for some, like the Firstenberg family. After attempting cancer treatments last year, Roberta Firstenberg was told she had a few months to live.

And since she had trouble getting around and being mobile, one of her dying wishes was to go outside in her own yard — but her granddaughter, Priscilla, went even further and got an Oculus Rift headset so that her grandmother could virtually travel to places like Italy. Virtual reality also meant her grandmother could do things like walk up stairs again, making the experience seem particularly potent.

Unfortunately, Roberta Firstenberg died about four weeks after trying the Oculus Rift — but at least she got another chance to travel.

(Daily Dot, via Engadget)


    Sure, technology is great, but couldn't they have just taken her outside like she wanted?

      I am sure that they did but its more the fact that she was able to visit places she would not have been able to go and more to the fact actually being able to explore those places on her own. such as the walking down beach or walking through the forest or visiting far away cities.
      It's not as easy as just taking someone outside. Having my own grandmother suffer through cancer and seeing her go from a powerful woman to someone who could barely even sit up by the end having something like this would have been absolutely amazing for her.

      Last edited 22/04/14 10:52 am

        I assumed as much, it was just the cynic in me asking the question.

        It would be a shame if didn't get to see her garden. I assume that is more special to her than a digitally rendered place.

      In the case of my sister's cancer, she was anything but ambulatory in the last 6 weeks, in fact her final burst of energy was bucket kicking (4 years ago today, quite by coincidence)

      Last edited 22/04/14 1:09 pm

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