EB Expo Tickets Are Now On Sale

EB Expo Tickets Are Now On Sale

The list of video game publishers in attendance is… well pretty much everyone is headed there: PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision, EA, 2K Games, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Bethesda. Literally, anyone you can name will most likely be in attendance. Say what you like about EB, the Expo is legit. It’s always worth attending.

In fact last year the EB Expo played host to an exclusive playable demo of Titanfall which was, at the time, the first time I had played the game at least, and maybe only the second time the public had access to it. A pretty big coup back then. Would love to see how they can top it this year.

The full three day pass will cost you $149, but a single day is $69. There are various different types of ticket combos — for example you can head to the expo on a two day pass for Friday and Saturday for $129 or just take the weekend Saturday and Sunday pass for $99. No idea why there is a price disparity between those two options, but there you have it.

Head to the official website for more information.


  • I believe the price difference between Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun is because the event runs until late on Friday but only until 6pm on Sunday (Friday has a day and a night session whereas Sunday is only a single session).

  • To clear up Mark’s confusion, the price differentiation is due to the fact fri/sat has 2 sessions per day, sunday consists of a single session, therefore 4 sessions costs more than 3 sessions.

    Looking forward to it, got my pass on the 16th during the presale event, and I hope us ultimate gamers get treated better than last year, felt a bit like we paid top $ to be shunned for paying top $, like when the express gamers got in before the ultimate gamers, when half the exhibitors tried telling me there was only 1 line n to join it only for me to find out later there was n it wasn’t in clear sight, when the security tried turning us away from the ultimate gamer room, or just every time I was in a line n got told id just have to wait cos the people in the general admission line had been waiting hours and yes that makes a person feel terrible for the general admissions then angry about getting ripped off especially when the gen admin had twice the consoles already only for some of ours to get taxed too but maybe its my fault for not bribing them with a chip on a stick. Have every confidence in them getting it right this year.

    Ultimate Gamer Pass sold out 3 times as fast this year, glad mine arrived in the mail 3 days ago.

    But at least I made it onto the 2014 trailer, im the cloud strife just after the halflife guy and before the 2 tomb raider chicks.

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