Eight iPhone Tricks You Might Not Know About

Your phone is capable of more things than you might realise — although some of the small, neat features the iPhone comes packaged with aren’t well-advertised or explained.

Thankfully, BuzzFeedVideo is here to walk us through a bunch of iPhone tricks, including:

  • How to tell what time you sent a text
  • How to use the iPhone as a level
  • Using the volume buttons to take pictures,
  • How to take a burst of images for action shots
  • How to easily get all sorts of flight information
  • How to make your passcode letters instead of numbers
  • How to delete texts with one motion
  • How to activate caps lock

Now excuse me, I have to go and make my phone’s password huge and unwieldy.

8 iPhone Tricks You Need To See [BuzzFeedVideo]


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