Endless Space Creators Hit Early Access With Endless Legend, A New Fantasy 4x

Oh, God. This is getting to be too much. There are far too many cool games right now to try out, and I barely have the time to take a few turns in Frozen Endzone. But Amplitude Games has put its new game, Endless Legend, up on Early Access, and it looks pretty damn good. But hey, I'm easy — the game's description had me at "4x fantasy strategy".

It's already looking pretty good, despite coming with all the usual Early Access disclaimers of being an incomplete Alpha, and it has already shot up to second place on the Top Sellers tab, right below Dark Souls 2. You can tell the interface isn't yet up to par with what we saw in Endless Space (yet), but it looks functional and very much on the right side of the line between playable and unplayable. Very much indeed.

Between Dark Souls 2 on PC and Trials: Fusion, it's going to be hard to find any more gaming time. Especially now that this, along with the recently released Warlock 2: The Exiled, my desire for a Civ-like 4x that's light on the diplomacy and heavy on the spells is pretty much seen to. The 4x genre and I have a troubled relationship. It lacks constraint. Without other kickass games available, I'd spend Endless time in something like this. Yep, I went there.

Here's a bit of gameplay, because gameplay is what matters:


    Title looks smooth and well implemented. Hopefully more in depth reviews start to filter down from alpha to give more info. I already blew money i regret on ESO jumping in too early, same with Dayz SA.

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