Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today

Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today

Thanks to a special Smash Bros. focused Nintendo Direct today, there is a lot of new information on both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash Bros. Let's take a moment to recap both the major news, and some of the smaller things you might've missed, shall we?

Launch Date

The 3DS version drops sometime this (northern) summer. The Wii U version drops sometime in (northern) winter 2014. Why they're staggering it like that, who knows — maybe to get more people to buy the 3DS version?

3DS vs Wii U

Visually, obviously, there will be a difference between both versions of the game. But beyond that, though all the characters will be available in both versions, some stages and music will differ depending on the platform. You'll only be able to play some stages on the Wii U, and some stages on the 3DS. The Wii U stages will focus on locales that have appeared in console games, whereas the 3DS version will focus on locales that have appeared on handheld games, appropriately. Both versions will run at 60 FPS, though.

Oh, and the 3DS version will include a special "Smash Run" mode, which you can see in action here:

Basically, players will traverse dungeon-like levels, collecting all sorts of power-ups. At the end, players will fight against each other — and their power/abilities will be based on what power-ups they collected during the earlier portion of the mode. Sounds like a party mode, which brings us to...

For Glory vs For Fun Modes

Playing online, you'll get two enjoy two different modes: For Glory, and For Fun. These modes are meant to mitigate one of the biggest tensions in the Smash Bros. community, as some players like to play seriously, and some players like to play for fun. Now there's a mode for each type of player.

For Glory is a mode for the hardcore, where only the Final Destination stage is playable, no items are selectable, battles will likely mostly be 1 on 1, and wins and losses will be recorded. For Fun, by contrast, will have random stages — none of which include Final Destination — all items will be available, and only wins are recorded.

And to further assuage fears that this entry in the title would forsake hardcore fans, every stage included in the game will include a 'Final Destination' version, which is meant for more serious play.

Remember though: these are the settings when you play against strangers online. If you play against friends, you get to enjoy full customisation — which allows you to set rules, stages and items however you want.

New Characters

Here are the new faces you can expect to see in Smash, and their accompanying gameplay:

Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today
Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today
Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today
Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today
Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today

Something to note about these characters: they won't transform. Which is to say, Zelda and Sheik are different characters, and Samus and Zero Suit Samus are also different characters.

We also got a closer look at some of the other characters — mostly, what we saw were small details. Olimar now only has three Pikmin. Lucario now has a mega evolution. Rosalina and Luna can separate, and each 'character' has individual attacks. Little Mac is rather powerful on the ground, but in the air, he's rather weak (and this is hilariously visualized):

Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today

Wii Fit trainer looks particularly interesting — she can use Deep Breathing, which powers her up. It will also assuredly enrage people, since you're essentially battling with yoga. Oh, and there's a male version of the trainer, too.

And the villager continues to look absolutely amazing:

That Tom Nook smash. Hell, that chopped wood move. Yesssss.

Other Stuff

-You might be interested in knowing that players will be banned for the following behaviour...

Everything We Learned About Smash Bros Today

Most people are confused about the 'relentless targeting,' though. What if you're playing a 1 v 1 match? Repeated self-destructs would also curb tactics like Kirbycide, something that I'm frankly pretty happy about.

-Boss characters also make a return: today we saw Yellow Devil in Dr. Wily's Base.

-Master balls contain rare Pokemon, such as Arceus. Oh, and it looks like the Elite Four location will be playable in the 3DS version of the game, judging from the footage shown today. Neat.

-Sakurai also mentioned "custom movesets," which sounds rather exciting — but they didn't really go into detail about it, unfortunately.

Anything else you guys noticed or want to talk about, based on today's reveals? Let us know in the comments.


    The WiiU version being released second is horrible. This ensures that even more people are going to pick up the 3DS version and pass on the WiiU.

    Last edited 09/04/14 3:58 pm

      Wow, I didn't even think of it like that.

      The earlier release of the 3DS version has at least convinced me to pick up both versions now (I was originally just going to get the Wii U one) and while more people have 3DS' this doesn't really help the Wii U's cause. It's hard to support the console if Nintendo barely do it themselves :(

        I will probably get both. I would be an insta 2 copy buy if buying one of the versions gave me a discount on the second.

        i had the same idea, i was never gonna get the 3DS version, but since it comes out before the Wii U one i'll definitely be getting both.

      If the Wii U version came first no one would buy it on 3DS as the Wii U version will be far superior.

      I dunno, I think that given the choice between the two versions most would favour the console version, making this one a smarter move so as to not cannibalise the handheld sales.

        But most people don't have a Wii U and it could've been a system seller.

        I'm assuming that those people who don't have a Wii U and were interested in the game would just pick up the 3DS version and ignore the console release. Of course I could be wrong but it would seem more likely to sell consoles if it was released earlier/at the same time, rather than later.

          But then it's also a big name title that can shift consoles coming out at Christmas time. I mean we're already getting Mario Kart soon, it's got the first half of the year covered for that.

            I, like most of my mates, are just waiting for the right time to buy. Currently the White WiiU's are selling for $179. Add Mario Kart 8 for $60 and Smash Bros for $100 (I want the controller baby :P) and done. We're just waiting to see if any other deals/buy a game get one free are released before Smash (Buy Mario Kart 8 now and get Wind Waker btw).

        In my opinion, they should have released it on WiiU first to boost sales and interest in the WiiU. This is a best selling title on GameCube and should work well again. Now people have even more of an excuse to get the 3DS version over the WiiU version because its coming out alot faster. I'm not saying there aren't hardcore Nintendo fans that wont double dip and get both but there are more people who will be content just playing on there 3DS and passing on the WiiU.

      The 3DS version doesnt really make the Wii U version redundant as they cater to technically different areas: portable vs. party

      It's kind of a given that the 3DS version will sell more even if they were being released on the same day. 3DS has 40+ million compared to Wii U's 5+ million

    It's interesting that the characters got separated from their transforms as that's one of the changes in Brawl Project M!

      I reckon that's more down to technical reasons than anything. Plenty of times in Brawl you'd see a transformation just hang and take several seconds longer than it should (especially if that particular Wii was starting to die a bit in the laser department or whatever), just cutting it out entirely is an easy way to eliminate the problem.

        I'd be surprised if that was it since that's a technical reason and this is on a new platform. In my experience people tended to favourite one form over the other, so effectively you had a lot of characters people liked with no real down-b moves.

      It could also be to artificially flesh out the roster.

    Mario looks pretty badass taking on Charizard.

    Was anything about 3DS Download play announced? that would be so amazing.

    I've gone through so many controls through wear and tear.playing the N64 version. Here's hoping the 3DS can withstand it.

    Elite four stage? I don't remember seeing it. Can someone elaborate?

      Very briefly shown in Greninja's reveal trailer. Watch it again. It's the one from X/Y

    It's like Nintendo is going out of its way to ensure the WiiU is a failure. I don't know why a 3DS version is being made in the first place, Smash Bros. has always been a TV experience. But now half of the audience who might have bought a console to play it will just get the 3DS version instead and call that "good enough."

    Then by the time the WiiU one comes around, there'll be a huge collective shrug. "Meh. I finished playing that game months ago."

    I don't understand everyone crying about two versions. Do they really think the 3DS version will live up to the full console one?

    Thinking most of them aren't interested in a Wii U either way.

    Super Smash Bros, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 8 will compose the Triforce of the must have multiplayer games on the Wii U.

    Last edited 09/04/14 8:01 pm

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