Everything Wrong With The Matrix? This Could Take A While

Everything Wrong With The Matrix? This Could Take A While

The key to enjoying The Matrix is to turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. Turn on your brain, and you wind up with a 12-minute CinemaSins video.

The key to watching CinemaSins videos is to realise that he’s not saying the movies he covers are bad — just flawed. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. While I will always love it, The Matrix does have issues, and some of them aren’t the other two Matrix movies.


  • Movie sins sucks balls. It used to be awesome when It was legitimate mistakes in continuity and other things like that. But all its degraded into is a load of BS that goes for cheap laughs

  • The joke is, the more arbitrary shit he picks on, the more obvious that it isn’t a bad film or has “movie logic” issues..
    I mean he praises half the scenes before picking a silly reason to not like it.

      • The worst is the door problem…there WAS no door until the dude “hacked” it into the matrix and told Neo to go through the door. :/

  • That IV thing annoys me so much. So many movies do it. ‘The last thing I remember before waking up in this hospital is sitting in my car about to be hit by a bus… better yank out all this medical crap then go walk around’. It’s up there with ‘there’s oxygen on this alien ship/planet/whatever, let’s all strip down to short shorts before continuing to explore’.

  • Did I miss it or did he totally not include the fact that the “humans as batteries” makes no sense and breaks the second law of thermodynamics? That’s surely worth a sin counter, or is that one just too widely discussed to be interesting in an “Everything wrong with…” episode.

    • Yeah that’s a good one, even though I think it’s acceptable because it’s supposed to be a metaphor for corporatism.

      • I remember reading that the Wachowski’s originally had the machines using the humans as an expansive neural network to help run their AI routines, but some studio suit decided that was too difficult for an audience to understand so they forced the battery thing, which is a shame, because I can get behind neural networking – it might be crazy implausible, but at least it doesn’t mess with thermodynamics.

        I know most people wouldn’t care about it, but I remember sitting in the cinema and thinking “that makes no sense” as soon as that baby-battery shot came up. Still, what a great movie, such a shame that the sequels went to wacky town and never recovered.

        • Oh I basically had a similar experience, especially since I studied thermodynamics at uni. But for me it was kind of ambivalence between “this makes no sense” …. “but you make an amazing point about corporate politics”. 😛

          • My brain didn’t go that deep, I was more like “this makes no sense… but you make an amazing point with kicking the shotgun out of that guys hands and then shooting him in the back with it”. 😛

          • Nah, the battery theory doesn’t blow thermodynamics any more than requiring horses to do you work blows it.

            Making mush for humans to eat might be more available than directly generating power for certain needs.

            Anyway, ‘battery’ could just be shorthand for ‘providing power’ to run the machines’ routines, i.e. computing power not electric power.

          • Nah, they specifically say that “The human body generates more electricity than a 120 volt battery…” and the human battery solution is specifically mentioned as a way to counteract the fact that the sun is blocked out and they can’t use solar power any more. It’s pretty clear Morpheus is talking electricity here. He then holds up a Duracell battery 😀

            We used to use horses to do work for us because we had no direct way to convert the sun, water and plant-life into usable energy, but the amount that you get out of a horse to till your fields or pull your cart is a tiny tiny fraction of what goes into it, most of the energy goes into making horse.

            The battery-humans aren’t like a horse that frolics outside and enjoys the sun and eats the hay though, they are kept in a pod their whole lives, so all the energy input that goes into them comes from the machines. There’s basically no way that the machines could get even a tiny fraction of the energy they put into growing humans back out of humans. Even if they had unlimited mush (which is actually meant to be old humans that have been liquefied), there’d be much more efficient way’s to chemically convert it into energy. And even if they had no means to chemically convert the mush apart from an elaborate system of human-batteries, the energy required to run that system (pump the mush, run the robots that attach the babies to pods etc) would be a orders of magnitude greater than you could possibly get out of it.

            I love this little explanation of the laws of thermodynamics (1, 2 and 3 at least):

            First: You can’t win.
            Second: You can’t break even, except on a very cold day.
            Third: It doesn’t get that cold.

    • I’d be willing to accept that they’d just found a way around it, but that would make the Matrix even less practical. Also even in the first movie it’s pretty clear both the humans and the machines have the capacity to reach space quite easily, so going above the cloud cover or even to another planet seems way more practical than the Matrix.

      Although one of the few good things about the follow ups to The Matrix was the implication in the animated stuff that the machines were doing this to avoid driving mankind to extinction. Trapping humanity in a looping simulated world where true AI will never exist to avoid the inevitable war between man and machine.
      It smooths over battery thing by making it another lie Morpheus/humanity were led to believe. Like the inability to accept the first version of the Matrix as a perfect world, humanity wouldn’t accept ‘we’re doing it to allow these people to live’ and thus the more evil ‘we use you as a power supply’ lie was born. You can then say it actually costs them a great deal to build and maintain the Matrix.
      It adds a nice layer of depth to the machines motivations. They understand there will never be lasting peace, and they don’t want to be wiped out, but they also don’t want to wipe humanity out. So they more or less take on the role of guardians, freezing technological development and containing mankind in a bubble where they can’t hurt anybody. After all if somebody torches the sky in the Matrix they just hit reset.
      Hell, even those who reject the Matrix are allowed to live. Neo being ejected from the Matrix makes a lot more sense if the machines are happy to let humans go live in Zion and busy themselves fighting a war they’ll never win. Their master plan? To manipulate the One into resetting the Matrix every few generations.

      • That is so much better, I’m so glad they retconned, erm, expanded it. Thanks for the explanation!

        • I’m not sure how much of that is official. They heavily implied a lot of stuff but I also filled in a lot of gaps and I tend to get carried away with fan theories that fix plot holes. I can talk for days about why the exhaust port on the first Death Star makes more sense than anything else in the films, but that doesn’t mean the writers agree with me. =P

  • I think about half of these just show that the reviewer doesn’t know jack about real computer systems or hackers. 😀

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