Fan-Made GTA V Trailer Makes You Want To Play It All Over Again

Feels like a lot like something Martin Scorcese would do, doesn’t it? Rockstar cuts some pretty great trailers for their games. This fan-created video is as good as the official teaser for the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

It’s the work of Luke Ritson, who’s previously don alternative trailers for BioShock Infinite, season one of The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. If you like Ritson’s work, consider helping him help the less fortunate by donating to his upcoming run for charity:

Ladies and Gentlemen. On the 13th April 2014, I will be running the London Marathon for Shelter, a great charity that puts a roof over the heads of those who desperately needs it. And I need your help! I need donations to help meet my target of £1,800.00.

Visit: and donate anything you can. It would go greatly appreciated and aid the cause so much.


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