Finally, A Comic That Gets Sex Right.

Finally, a comic that gets sex right. If you read comics, you probably know writer Matt Fraction. He's widely (and rightly) considered one of the best writers in the business, from Casanova to Hawkeye to other great stuff. Wired's got a really cool new profile of him, all about his latest comic Sex Criminals. A lot of what he's saying about sex and comics could just as easily be said about sex and video games.

Side note: You should totally read Sex Criminals, it's really good. The first trade paperback will be out at the end of April.


    I'm not sure if you still can, but I got the first issue free with the 'Comixology' app.

    It's pretty good.

    "A Comic That Gets Sex Right." in other words, it's boring as fuck XD

    Hetero sex, maybe; that's not really my thing.

    1) Great to see this series get successful enough to get it's first paperback

    2) I was fairly sure this series was already mentioned way back already when it first came out Oct/November last year =P

    Why should I read something that I have no knowledge of, especially when the recommendation doesn't even bother to explain the reasons for it? Get a picture, write 3~4 short sentences and bam! the writer expects me to read that... thanks to the writer, I really don't think I'm going to even look at that book's storyline.

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