First-Person Cat Fighting

First-Person Cat Fighting

YouTube user N Ferg strapped a collar camera on his cat, and this is the resulting footage. I guess the correct term is actually "first-cat" and not "first-person". Because, you know. Cats.

Be sure to turn your sound down. Way down.

Epic Cat Fight Caught On Cat Collar Cam [N Ferg via PetaPixel]


    My cats should show them how to fight. That other cat just backed up, what a pussy

      I'm guessing it wasn't its territory or they'd fought before it and he/she didn't think it was worth it.

      In related news, that is awesome footage. I would sooooooooo watch a nature doco just with footage like this (and David Attenborough narrating, 'course).

    Pretty sure at the end. the cat does what happens in the end of this video

    I was watching this with my cat around and she freaked out!

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