Forty Minutes Of Star Citizen Combat, Space Walking And Bug Battling

Did you enjoy the look at Chris Roberts' space combat sim Star Citizen in action from PAX East last weekend? Here's all of that, plus so much more.

Here we get to see the intro movie for the PAX East demo, some edited footage of Chris Roberts playing the game on stage, and a special follow-up showing off some of the game's advanced features, including some stealth manoeuvring and leaving your perfectly good spaceship to take a zero-G walk in the void. Seems quite brisk.

Arena Commander-PAX East and Beyond [YouTube via Polygon]


    Very cool, loved the animation touches, not a fan of the audio though, just steal the audio from BSG and I'd be happy.

    It looks like the game is about 5 years away though, going on what they showed.

    Last edited 21/04/14 3:32 pm

    Might have to buy into this looks Freakin' awesome only problem my CPU would melt on to my gpu lol

      What specs are you running?

      Last edited 22/04/14 9:59 am

    If they pull this game off, first person interface, huge world, interactive everything, it will be the greatest thing ever

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