FOX Go Bananas After Family Guy Game Gets Released Early

FOX Go Bananas After Family Guy Game Gets Released Early

There's a new Family game for mobile, called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. It's not out yet, but for a few hours earlier today, it was accidentally made available on New Zealand's app store. Something FOX was not very happy about.

As Touch Arcade reports, because the game was live on an app store, people picked it up, legally, started playing, then started making videos of what they were playing. Rather than roll with the free press, FOX went the jerk route.

FOX Go Bananas After Family Guy Game Gets Released Early

YouTube user Hans Kaosu received a message from the Family Guy team, which while itself was pretty polite, was swiftly followed by a takedown notice of his video.

Followed by the takedown of his entire Twitch account, since he'd also showed some gameplay footage there.

Other Touch Arcade users who had posted video say the same thing.

And so here we are, saying nasty things about FOX instead of talking about the actual game.

FOX is Issuing Copyright Claims, Blocking Videos, and Closing Twitch Channels of Anyone Playing 'Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff' [Touch Arcade]


    I'm never going to understand how people in the PR business, paid to do PR no less, continue to make these PR blunders.

      They need to carefully sanction the release of information and footage so that they can maximise sales before people realise that that it's a terrible game. I do wonder whether the sorts of people who'd spend money on a Family Guy game are the sort likely to be swayed by negative word of mouth from a couple of user videos though.

    Playing devils advocate, the message was more than polite.
    They also mentioned that he could post after the launch.

    Maybe im missing some aweful BS that fox pulled thats not in this article.

      I think it's the whole 'takedown notice of his entire Twitch account'

      And it was what, ONE whole day before "official" release?
      Why even bother taking it down from the app marketplace, only to put it back up 24 hours later?

      He's "allowed" to post after launch? At what point did he sign an NDA that told him he wasn't allowed? Most mobile games don't even ask you to sign off on an EULA.

      Aside from the whole pulling down videos / cancelling twitch account thing, they're attempting to enforce conditions on a contract he didn't sign.

      Games breaking street date is not a new thing. The post and following actions are analogous to a polite request to somebody to get off your lawn, followed immediately by a shotgun blast. Politeness is better expressed in actions and in words; they've accompanied a pleasantly worded request with a draconian and rude set of actions.

      I suppose it's possible they were just looking for free publicity. If so, they got that.

        I was about to ask the same thing? How are they allowed to do this?


    This article has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read.

    My Twitch account is restored. Thanks for reporting on it! <3

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