Foxtel Play Launches In Australia For The PlayStation 3

Foxtel Play Launches In Australia For The PlayStation 3

Sony Australia has just announced that Foxtel Play is now available on PlayStation 3 consoles in Australia, with a launch for the PlayStation 4 coming soon. The announcement, it seems, has been timed for the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 4, which is shown exclusively on Foxtel in Australia.

“We’re thrilled to continue our drive to expand availability of Foxtel Play for Australian subscribers,” said Rohan Lund, Foxtel’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Foxtel app should be available for download on the PlayStation Network from today.

“Foxtel Play is a fantastic addition to our suite of entertainment services,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, “one that all the family can enjoy.”

The Foxtel Play app gives customers access to over 45 Live channels, however it is worth noting that access to Game of Thrones requires an additional subscription. Users will also have to subscribe to Premium Drama and Movies Tier in order to watch the show. Foxtel has announced that there will be a discount, starting from today, that will allow users to subscribe to this service at a reduced cost.


  • Who is this for?

    I have the cable service already and a PS3 and sadly not a fan of the televised rendition of Thrones.

    I like the sports packages but wonder if they are included?

    You sure this isn’t an April Fool’s joke?

    • Yes because everyone is exactly like you.
      I would say this is for those that don’t already have a cable service.

      • Nope!

        It is not applicable to me and my circumstances, therefore it is complete nonsense and HAS to be a joke!

    • Most probably shitty quality with constant “blackouts” of shows they don’t have streaming rights for, just like Foxtel on Xbox.

      • Pretty much this.

        The amount of blacked out shows, mixed with the continuously worse streaming and user interface (it seemed that every new version got harder to use) as well as the new subscription models helped make it hard to tolerate the service.

        One of the original hooks was that it was a lot cheaper than a regular cable service, but even that didn’t keep me around, not when you go digging for comparable services.

        Versus something like Netflix, its an absolute joke.

  • Just checked it out, the specs are awful and you can’t get decent shows without paying an arm and both legs.

  • I’m surprised this isn’t already out on ps3 and ps4. Did Telstra and Microsoft have some exclusivity deal or something?

  • 10 different ways to get foxtel; or 10 different alternatives to foxtel? Until this changes; nothing changes.

  • All for the low low price of $50 a month…

    So that’s 4 episodes of GoT for $50 ($125ish for the whole season) or a person could just download it then buy it on Blu-ray when released for $60-$70 (and at much higher quality).

    • Add to that the satisfaction of knowing neither Telstra or Rupert Murdoch will be getting your money and you have a great deal there. 🙂

    • While I’m not arguing with you on the price, it’s interesting that they are effectively in competition with themselves.
      They are offering a product to try and get customers which ordinarily wouldn’t have their cable/sat service, yet they can’t make the service *too* good/cheap otherwise it will undermine their traditional business. Everyone would just bail out and get the IP based service.

      Heaven forbid the market be opened up for some *real* innovative competition.

      Aren’t media network monopolies awesome? 😉

      “They’re already taking it up the arse….. let’s see if we can shove it down their throat at the same time”….. it’s the Foxtel spitroast!

    • But one of those two things is breaking the law. Its only a matter of time before they are able to buy more severe tracking and punishment from our politicians and that $60-$70 bluray will end up being $600000 in fines and legal fees.

      • It’s a game of cat and mouse. Sure they’ll improve tracking – then a new program will come out that counters it. Heck even now just a simple VPN can null and void any tracking they do as it is not cost effective to try and trace it.

        Until they release purchasable copies that are as easily portable and as high a quality as the illegal copies I doubt anything will change. For what ever reason (ok its money) they are clinging to a regional business model. They scream blue murder about pirates but there is no conclusive evidence that piracy is actually hurting the industry (some independent studies have concluded it may actually helped some media). They never mention exactly how many people downloading have actually paid for it in some other form whether its before they download or after. Piracy is such a grey area – it’s no where near as black and white as they make it out to be.

        • I’m assuming that you don’t work for free. Piracy is stealing and only someone who has never created a piece of art would think otherwise .

  • Yeah the quality and price on 360 are poor so I don’t see why these would be different.

    What Foxtel SHOULD do, is get the Foxtel GO apps on 360/One/PS3/PS4. Now THAT would be cool. So add those consoles to the list of devices that can use your existing subscription instead of just an iPad or iPhone.

    • But…. if it’s a fixed location console, it isn’t really “GO” is it? And presumably you’ve got the console at the same location where you have your cable box?
      Yes, it would allow you to not have to get a cable splitter and whatnot, but effectively the GO apps are to take your foxtel with you when you’re out of the house.

      • I know, I’m just saying. Having the Go app on a console means that theoretically you CAN take Foxtel with you if you move your console around (many people still do).

        It also means you can have extra boxes without incurring costs.

  • Well this IS real… Logged on now. I can’t get Foxtel any other way so this is very cool. Much better app than the 360… Much smoother.

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