Frozen Should Have Ended Like This

Sure, Frozen is a lovely tale about sisterhood and love... but it really didn't have to go down like it did in the movie.

Elsa didn't need to be secluded from everyone, she didn't need to hide her powers! Had the movie actually embraced Elsa's powers the entire way through, then the movie might've looked a bit like this bit by How It Should Have Ended.

Frozen probably wouldn't have been as poignant with this new premise, though — that's the trade-off.

How Frozen Should Have Ended[How It Should Have Ended]


    Proof that not everyone should write about film when they know nothing about it - besides how they'd like the stories of others to pander to themselves as an individual.

      Today Kotaku brings you; 'Missing the Joke', with losturtlel

    Man, now I really want to hear Hugh Jackman singing Let It Go.

    How Frozen should have ended - with everyone dead except Elsa. People and their natural fear of the unknown need to die. Elsa should have brought about the new ice age, cleanse the planet of its filth.

    The true moral of the story: the only good thing in the world... is trolls. >.>

      I can't tell if you're being really edgy or just calling yourself a good troll.

    Too bad Fox owns X-men, and Disney owns the rest of Marvel. (except Fantastic Four and Spiderman)

    That was disappointing.
    I thought it would actually be a clever "It could have ended this way" thing, within the realms of the story provided. But no.

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