Game Of Thrones Goes Smooth Jazz, And It's Glorious

I've heard a lot of different versions of Ramin Djawadi's Game of Thrones theme in my day — like this one — but never a rendition this smooth.

Here we've got saxophonist Dave Koz sitting in with pianist Scott Bradlee's trio, putting the G - Am - E in Game of Thrones. (I have no idea if those chords are actually in this arrangement, don't email me.) They turn the theme into a nice uptempo 6/8 kinda thing, with plenty of room for improvisation. Nice.

Hopefully sheet music for this arrangement will surface, and high school jazz concerts will never be the same.


    That was amazing.

    I can't wait for the screaming goats smooth jazz version!

    fantastic !!
    they should start doing other shows as well.
    walking dead one would be pretty sick

    Brilliant, going into my library methinks.

    Just delightful, bloody delightful.

    I can see myself sipping a fine scotch atop the wall with this playing.

    These Game of Throne's opening theme videos are always great. I loved the screaming goats one.

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