Game Of Thrones Season 4 Is About To Start, Watch This Nine Minute Primer

If, like me, you enjoy Game of Thrones but don't really obsess over every last detail of the show, this nine minute recap of the first three seasons might be just the ticket. Particularly if you've forgotten what happened and don't have the time to spend a whole week marathoning the show.

And for those who want to get on board without the time investment of watching the show? Well, I wouldn't exactly recommend watching a short recap instead of a rare, extremely high quality TV show, but what the hell — it might suit your purposes as well.

Argh, I've just finished watching it and now I'm pretty excited for Season 4 again.


    I sure can't wait to start legally watching this again through legal means at a time and price Australian broadcasters find suitable!

      I have bought every season on blu ray when it came out, but I have also watched every episode as soon as it showed in the USA. These exclusive deals are just more gatekeeping by the middle man. Once upon a time they were able to control those gates and therefore use this control of content to milk us. I have zero sympathy for them now that they are losing control.

      Yeah, piss in my ear and tell me it's raining, why dont you? :P

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    I hope the blue throne wins this match!

    Red throne totally has it coming after that shit last round....

    I only just finished watching Season 3 last week. Man, what a series, really brutal and exciting.

    I can't wait to see people having Game of Thrones themed weddings, complete with all the "extra theatrics" that would entail.

      It's not a great wedding unless its a red wedding!

    Yahaharrr! Weigh anchor and loose the top-sails! There be plunder setting sail on these bountiful seas.

    Edit: Oh, silly me. Wrong article. This is about a tv show. I was thinking about something completely different.

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    Super Excited to watch all new series of this awesome show and this time this is coming on hbo defined and btw if anybody is interesting in watching previous series then its also coming on and to view show timing and updates visit at

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