Google's Early April Fools' Joke: Hiring 'Pokémon Masters'

Google's Early April Fools' Joke: Hiring 'Pokémon Masters'

It's March 31st, and already the April Fools' pranks are flooding in. One of the first? Google is hiring Pokémon masters.

It's not just a prank, though. Google actually has updated Google Maps today with Pokémon that you can catch. Go into the app today and search around for Pokémon. Check out this sweet Luxray I caught:

Google's Early April Fools' Joke: Hiring 'Pokémon Masters'
Google's Early April Fools' Joke: Hiring 'Pokémon Masters'

Come to think of it, it's Google. Who knows? They might actually hire somebody from this.

via Google Maps


    That didn't last long.

    ".. but I’d like you to know that today Kotaku Australia will be an April Fools free zone."

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      They may not make April Fools pranks themselves, but abstaining from report them? Don't be absurd. April 1st is one of the days of the year most ripe with videogame and pop-culture news. They might as well abstain from reporting in PAX weekend.

        All I can think when I see people reporting on April fools day pranks is thanks for fucking it for everyone else for the sake of little bump in readership

    Reporting on an April fools prank isn't the same as playing an April fools prank.

    Surely they would have had to have gotten the OK from Nintendo to do this. I'm actually surprised it happened!

      Yeah, or there is a Flappy Bird-esqe under the table legal threat in preparation.

        Google's usually been pretty good with getting the rights to things like this for their Easter Eggs, like the amazing Freddie Mercury doodle a few years ago.

    I'm up to 44. A bit of mindless to start the day.

      Was it so mindless, you forgot the word 'fun'? ;)

        My sentence is structured exactly how I wanted to express it.

        Mindless was used in reference to the game. I wouldn't call it fun, I would call it mindless.

    Jobs and pranks aside... this could totally be a thing with Augmented Reality. Has no one done this yet?

    I'm on 70 at the moment

    Edit: 76 now, half way there!

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    Early? I do recall the date is already 1st of April. Stupid Americans thinking the world revolves around them.

    i know this is a joke but it wouldn't be hard to do for real, in fact i think they should

    When I start, I get located in Sydney. When I move to Melbourne there are no Pokemon around here!

    Oh look, humour on april fool's and "integrity" remains unchanged.

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