Grab Battlefield 1942 For Free This Month

Grab Battlefield 1942 For Free This Month

EA really wants you to install their Origin service. And to make that happen, it’s offering a free game every month. Last month it was Dead Space, and now, it’s Battlefield 1942. All you have to do is log in, and download it.

It’s already been about a year and a half since it last offered BF1942 for free, so why not? Might as well grab it for free. In fact, it looks like you can still grab Dead Space for free, right up until the 9th of May. Happy Easter!


  • I grabbed this last time it was on sale to get Veteran status in BF3 to unlock the 1911.

    • The demo was just a timed demo of the full game, I just downloaded the demo and played it for the same thing 🙂

    • 1911 was fantastic worth it. (BC2 had the best 1911) personally I preferred the .44 in BF3

  • wasn’t it free during the 15th anniversary of 1942 last year anyway? That’s how I have it

  • If you look carefully at the picture, it says that Battlefield is “Free to Play”. EA is ebcoming worse and worse.

  • Erm, I believe it’s been free SINCE last year. It wasn’t a limited time offer like Dead Space.

    EDIT: Awaiting moderation and posting too quickly (first post for today)! Lovely!

    • Don ‘t worry about it, they just performed maintenance on the comments and some comment features are still not working properly (like notifications and postng too quickly). It’ll hopefully be gone soon.

  • According to the Origin site, Dead Space is still the “on the house” game, and will be until May 9th, Battlefield 1942 is listed under the free to play section.

  • I ‘got’ dead space last month, and I can’t even OPEN Origin. I get the ‘offline mode’ message and frankly, I’ve tried to change the date on my mum’s computer, I’ve tried changing my DNS, I’ve tried opening my ports – and nothing. It’s not even worth trying. Wondering why it’s not working, EA? Origin doesn’t work. I only use my dumb account for crappy mobile games and Plants vs Zombies.

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