Groomer Turns Dog Into Nintendo Nightmare Fuel

Groomer Turns Dog Into Nintendo Nightmare Fuel

That’s not a dog in a Nintendo sweater. You are looking at groomed, dyed and trimmed dog hair. Let’s call this pooch “Yoshi Dog”.

Recently, the Intergroom dog grooming convention was held in New Jersey. Courtesy Buzzfeed (via GoNintendo) are these photos of a Nintendo themed-grooming from a creative challenge competition.

Creative? Yes. Terrifying? Definitely.

Surely, poodles are cute enough without dyeing them green and making them look like dinosaurs.

Groomers Gone Wild [Buzzfeed via GoNintendoThanks, Matthew!]


  • That poor dog 🙁

    My dog looks ashamed of himself if we even trim his fur. Can only imagine the self-esteem issues and confusion this unfortunate animal is feeling…

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