Man Arrested For Stealing Child's Pokemon 3DS

Grown Man Arrested for Stealing a Child's Pokemon 3DS

Thirty-two year-old Seiji Saihara was arrested for allegedly stealing a 10-year-old boy's Nintendo 3DS XL. It wasn't just any 3DS XL, however. It was a limited edition Pokemon one.

According to Sankei News, the incident apparently happened this past February in the city of Nishinomiya, which is near Kobe, Japan. Saihara allegedly stole the Pokemon 3DS XL and five games from the basket of the boy's bicycle, while the kid was playing in the park.

It sounds like the handheld was one of these.

Saihara then allegedly sold the limited edition handheld and the games at a used game shop. One of the child's friends spotted the handheld at said game shop, and it was possible to confirm that it was his by checking it against the warranty.

Saihara has confessed to stealing the Pokemon 3DS XL and the games from the fifth grader.

男児から限定ゲーム機盗んで転売 32歳男を容疑で逮捕 [産経新聞]

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    Alternate Title "Overly trusting child got a much needed wakeup call after leaving 400+ dollars worth of stuff in an unattended bike basket".

      It's not like the robber broke into a house.

        Yes its a good wakeup call for the kid but whether the man stole it from a park or house is irrelevant. It's not his.

          It's Japan guys. Theft is so unheard of your mind would boggle. This kind of stuff just doesn't happen. Still not very newsworthy though :P

          It 's not his, but it's not like he did anything bad to get it.
          If you went down to the beach, took off your shoes and left about $500 on your towel/next to your shoes, could you blame anyone for not taking it?
          I was trying to make the point that it's not like the guy broke into a house and stole it - a kid basically left $500 sitting unattended, not in a locked house.

            so it's not a crime if there's basically no effort involved?

              I'm saying that it shouldn't be considered that bad of a crime if the kid's just leaving around a lot of valuable items willy-nilly.
              Can it really be called "stealing" if you're taking an unattended item? If you came across a $50 note in the street, and you took it, then would you consider that stealing? Because it's basically the same thing.

                I do believe that claiming a $50 on the street can be construed as stealing but that pedantry aside, it's not comparable in this case as the 3DS wasn't just sitting abandoned on the street, the thief presumably was aware that he was stealing it.

                In any case, I'd go for the position that a crime is a crime no matter how silly the victim was. I imagine it sets a potentially dangerous precedent when you start devaluing the seriousness of the crime by essentially blaming the victim - eg. rape victims who were "asking for it" by the way they dressed.

                Intent is key in determining whether it was a crime or not; he clearly intended to take an item that didn't belong to him. The crime is larceny, not robbery or burglary and the fact that he stole from a kid makes it more pathetic.

                It's not like he just saw it sitting on a sidewalk though. The fact that it was in a bicycle basket told him that it belongs to someone and that it wasn't lost. Also, this is Japan, people aren't as worried about getting their stuff stolen as they are in the English speaking world, so we can't assume the kid was being careless.

                  I did not know that about Japan. Thanks for porinting that out!

                  I completely agree. I think that this isn't newsworthy - if the robber had broken into a house, because he knew the pokémon 3DS was there, and took it, then I think that would be more newsworthy than this - A guy came across a 3DS in the park and took it. Not quite as news-serious.

                  I forget how dumb we can be at 10! Still, you'd have hoped the parents would've educated the kid a bit better about safety, unless they didn't because of the Japanese culture, as Insigma pointed out.

            Let me know next time you go to the beach. I'm in need of some new towels, clothes and other goods and sundries.

    Unattended or not, it is still stealing. Yes, the kid is kinda stupid for just leaving it out where anyone can grab it, but it's not his fault that some random guy couldn't resist the temptation to take something that just wasn't his.

    That being said, the kid is 10 years old. I'm pretty sure I left stuff laying around wherever when I was 10, because I didn't really think about things like theft. I just thought, "Hey, it's fun to play stuff... and now I want to play other stuff."

    "and it was possible to confirm that this was confirm it was his by checking it against the warranty."


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