Half Life 2 Looks Magnificent On The Unreal Engine

Half Life 2 is one of the few first person shooter games that has aged well. In a sense, I don't know if it need spit and polish. But spit and polish is what it has received as artist Logithx released these gorgeous renditions of Half Life 2's City 17, as rendered in Unreal Engine 3.

Logithx released three screenshots of his work on the polycount forums and has stated that everything in this work has been built from the ground up. No assets from the original game have been used, except for the face of Dr Breen.

Why not use Unreal Engine 4? Well that was only recently made available to developers. Now that it is available, Logithx is working on a port.

"I'm working every day to port this to the new Unreal Engine 4 but as I mentioned in my original post there's lots of work that was unfinished," he said, "not to mention that I have to redo all the materials and many textures because of the awesome physically-based shading in Unreal Engine 4."

Head to Logithx's original post for more info on this gorgeous looking project.


    Mark pls

    is this an exact copy pasta from the exact same article last week?

    Perhaps when they re-posted this they put it under "Retro" to show us a blast from the past :P

    These look beautiful, so I took people's advice on the last time this was posted and installed the FakeFactory Cinematic Mod... Man that thing is ugly. The higher resolution textures are nice, and the environments are generally much better, but the lighting and saturation just ruins the atmosphere of the game, and the new character models are atrocious . I tried playing on the "true to Valve" settings and it still felt wrong so I uninstalled it and went back to the original. It lacks some bells and whistles, but it's artistically superior imo.

    I love HD mods and graphics mods, but they have to maintain the original art direction and atmosphere. This Unreal Engine recreation of the opening level looks much closer to how I feel a graphics update should look for HL2.

      I looked it up too. Didn't install it, seems like it has some odd 'quirks' NSFW


        Yeah the whole thing feels like it was put together by a teenage boy with no eye for subtlety. The new Alyx character model in particular is some grotesque pornographic caricature.

        That can be toggled off though, what's worse is that all the colours have been pumped up so that every light is over saturated and blooms out, completely killing the midtones and the atmosphere.

        I really would just like a HL2 with all HDR enabled maps and with the extra graphical bells and whistles found in EP1 and EP2.

        Last edited 07/04/14 11:01 am

        I was expecting larger breasts or a low cut shirt but this is above and beyond distasteful.

    This is not Unreal Engine 3. The guy who posted this to reddit got it wrong in the title of this post, it's a different engine, he speculated what it might look like in Unreal Engine 4. This is how bad information spreads quickly, when people don't check details and just repost.

      The guy who made it says it's UDK (Unreal Engine 3) in his original post here: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2037585&postcount=3431

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