Have You Played Road Rash?

Video: Have you played Road Rash? You’ll enjoy the next 45 seconds. Above is footage from the alpha of Road Redemption, an open-world motorcycle combat racer and spiritual successor to the Road Rash series, which had its last entry in ’99.

The game lands on PC in August, with Wii U and Xbox 360 versions to follow later.


  • Haha looks like someone has finally decided to turn the motorbike sequence from FF7 into an actual game 😛

    • Indeed, I’ve been burned by so many alpha versions of games on steam that have been abandoned instead of finished that I’ve simply stopped buying Alphas now.

  • Add a soundtrack featuring Monster Magnet and Soundgarden and I might be convinced to throw down some coinage.

  • It’s obvious the controls need work when everytime the player tries to hit someone they run off the damn road.

    • It’s the risk you take for altering your forward momentum. There must be an equal reaction to both taking a hand off the bike and aggressively swinging a large and long weighted at another biker with intent to kill.

  • Alpha or otherwise the fact that this exists has me frothing at the mouth.

    I’d drop a tenner on this in a heartbeat.

    Played Road Rash for so many hours on the Mega Drive. Absolutely loved it.

    I personally will support this even though the early access thing is less then concrete. The way I see it, if Road Rash needs to be crowd funded to happen then I will most definitely buy early access.

    There is always a chance that these games may never see the light of day but for a reasonable sum I am happy to take the chance. And I get to play….

    • Road Rash is from Electronic Arts. I’d rather see the original Team head up development of an actual Road Rash game. They could build Road Rash 4 updating the Road Rash 3 engine and releasing on XBLA/PSN/Steam. Then go back to the last modern one that worked, Road Rash 3DO, and go forth from there.

      To many devs not studying their gaming history! And I’m quite happy to continue playing Road Rash 3 for my Road Rash experience.

  • God road rash, the memories playing that game with my brother’s and just smashing bikers in the face with a chain was just epic
    Might have to keep an eye on this

  • That ain’t Road Rash! Looks like what someone thinks Road Rash is like, and decided to go ahead and re-make it anyway.

    Road Rash felt ‘like’ Road Rash because of the exact code that was used in the Sega MegaDrive Trilogy and Road Rash on the 3DO/PS1/Saturn. I don’t count Road Rash 3D/Jailbreak as while, it had potential, it did not feel like Road Rash overall – felt rushed and un-finished.

  • This is what Road Rash feels like; http://youtu.be/DAprFOGApsQ?t=2m8s

    Key points;

    – The game is not about hitting people – it is about beating the other riders to the finish-line.
    – You protect your position by defending against riders moving up to your position.
    – You can attack others positions, or just speed past them.
    – Your bike takes damage, up until it becoming unusable & explodes. You lose the race.
    – It is illegal Road Racing. You have to avoid all obstacles that are common in the real-world locations that you are racing in. Signposts, people, animals, vehicles, buildings, road-works. Any animals, people you do run over, is comedic.
    – Police patrol the roads, and will give chase when road-rules are broken. You can, outrun them if you are fast enough. You can attack the police to put them out of business (but they will send more support vehicles like high-speed patrol cars & helicopters). Or you can pretend you are following the road-rules until the police are out of reach. Police can bust and arrest you and take you out of the race. Also, police can catch up to you and still bust you for what you did earlier.
    – when you crash your bike, you have to manually run back to the bike, before continuing with the race. (no teleportation back to the bike or track). If your bike is totalled, and you are close enough to the finish-line, than you can try your luck at running to the finish-line and still winning! You can actually leave your bike a run all the way if you want!
    – You can attack other riders while you are on foot. You can be run over by bikers while on foot. Your bike can be run over while you are not on it. Your bike still takes damage.
    – Obstacles, police placement is randomised. The track stays the same. Some races may have no police at all. Or maybe several in the same race.
    – etc.

    I could sit here and continue to do the design-spec for you, but all you need to do is play the Road Rash Trilogy and take note of how the game works.

    Just making a motorbike game where you hit people is not Road Rash. At all.

  • The animation compared to the movement is really bad. I hate the swords. I hate the one shot knockoffs. I hate the sandstorm and it just screams: “Look guys! effects! We are real developers I swear…”

    Have your motorbike fighting game. Don’t tie it to Road Rash because it isn’t.

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