Help Design A New Area Of Queensland In Minecraft

Are the next generation of architects, engineers and creators currently in their bedrooms right this second playing Minecraft? I say probably. So does The-Core, a project designed to bring the Sunshine Coast into the 21st century. They've acquired a massive chunk of land on the Sunshine Coast and the want to use the land to build a real life city-space. They want it to be designed in Minecraft.

We're talking here about a 60 ha block of land. A sizeable chunk. This area used to be a golf course in Maroochydore, but it's now set to be part of a 'smart city', at the centre of a new area featuring an arts and entertainment centre, a transit plaza, regional library, and a public amphitheatre.

So if you're an avid Minecrafter with aspirations towards city planning, architecture or engineering, this is the chance of a lifetime: the chance to legitimately shape the space of a real world location using Minecraft.

"Gamers have incredible imaginations and I've seen my own sons create incredible worlds through playing a lot of Minecraft," said The-Core co-founder Craig Josic. "Knowing our local council is currently consulting the local community on what they would like to see built on the 60ha block of land they have earmarked to develop a smart city in the heart of Maroochydore, I thought ‘What better way than to get the kids involved and not just from around our area, but from around the world!'"

And by 'the kids' Josic legitimately means 'the kids'. There are thousands of dollars in prizes available in this competition and both an over 13 and under 13 category. The competition closes on 31 May this year. You can find out more and register for the competition here


    Stone penis erected in 3...2...1

      Dude, cut that crap out man, this is Minecraft we are talking about here....

      ....It will be made of dyed wool and rise out of the ground on pistons

        go "hard" or go home, if you are gonna do it you might as well make it spectacular

          Each testicle will have its own piston for realistic ball movement to showcase Australia's engineering prowess.

          It'll also be rainbow coloured, to show our countries great understanding of diversity and can be worked towards climax to encourage teamwork and cooperation.

          Because we can't just have rad statues now, everything's symbolical.

    And to keep costs down, the LNP decides to build queensland infrastructure, exactly as it appears in the project (*round of applause button)

    And as an extension to the project, scientists discover Tony Abbot's head is nothing more than 1 block of an as yet to be identified substance (*round of applause)

    I wonder how many griefers this will attract..

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