Here's A Sweet Short Film For The Elder Scrolls Online

Video: This five-minute short, released by Bethesda today, tells you absolutely nothing about The Elder Scrolls Online, which is officially out today for PC and Mac. But, hey, it's a pretty snazzy film and a solid way to start your weekend. Very Return of the Kingish. Enjoy.


    Except it does showcase gameplay elements...

    PVP in TESO is huge, hundreds of players all at once, in cyrodiil with working Seige engines and the like that requires players to actually breach walls and crack keeps to take positions.
    Which is what the video shows in a cinematic format.

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    am i the only one around here that is concerned that with ESO Bethesda will never make an elder scrolls six

      It's being done by a completely different team. Zenimax Online Studios versus Bethesda Game Studios. Same parent, completely different developers. No way that BGS would stop mainline TES for this, it's set thousand of years in the past.

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